who: Emily

whereUniversity of Virginia

what:  life, school, fashion, and first world struggles

the story: This blog started as an escape from my bout with anorexia in 2008-2010.  Fashion became my therapy, and I wanted to share that therapy with the rest of the world.  While it was not easy, I am fully recovered.  Granted, I do have days where I want to revert back to my old habits, but I can now resist those urges.  I used to write about my eating disorder consistently, but you will not see much, if any, of those posts anymore.  I am older, wiser, and healthier in this point of my life.  My teenage years are behind me, and I cannot wait to see where my fashionista life takes me in my adulthood.  So welcome to the fashionista life of a twenty-year-old college student who is still learning about herself and her passions - enjoy.

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