Friday, February 21, 2014

the 10 things you learn when living in NYC

After living in the big city for a week in order to attend Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, I have attained significant street smarts.  So here it is, friends:

The 10 Things You Learn When Living in NYC for a Week

1. Stressing about transportation will take years off of your life.  F the F-train.

2. People who can afford to wear YSL, Chanel, and Prada do, in fact, exist.

3. Williamsburg, Brooklyn is nauseatingly hipster, and all residents have probably worked at Urban Outfitters at some point in their lives then realized it was too corporate/mainstream for them.

4. 24-hour bagel shops are the best thing ever invented, and the employees will eventually know you.

5. If you are a coffee addict like myself and the rest of New York City, you will spill coffee on your coat, so don't wear a white one. I learned this from experience. 

6. The alternative playlist that you imagine would be the soundtrack of your NYC dream life is indeed playing in every restaurant/bar/coffee shop.  Think: MGMT, Radiohead, Peter Bjorn and John, The Neighborhood, etc.

7. The city is the only place where you can look like a complete and utter diva and not be judged. 

8. Multiple caffeinated beverages and/or 12 hours of sleep per night is required, because living in the city is exhausting.

9. Do not let the snow on the streets fool you. What may look like solid pavement with a coating of snow/ice is actually a frosty puddle.  If you do not want wet feet go around, not through.

10. Making your dog wear little boots/socks is not a bad idea even though it looks absolutely ridiculous.  Would you want to go barefoot in NYC in the winter? I don't think so.

That conclude's my handful of NYC knowledge.  Do what you will with it.



  1. i enjoyed reading this. it makes me want to live there.

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