Wednesday, November 6, 2013

the most bootiful time of the year

I need a hefty dose of boots in my life.
and when I say hefty, I mean chunky.

what kind of boots are you looking for this season?



  1. Your blog sucks. Your fashion is cute and all, but the overall layout and colors and such all suck. Please create a 'better than crappy' blog.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. ^^^^ there's a dilapidated bridge somewhere missing it's anonymous troll.... go back to where you came from.

    2. This blog is amazing! This person has it all wrong, its a very beautiful blog.

    3. If you want a good blog, I can help! I used to be a really good blogger myself, but I quit because I just started my new life out of college. I didnt mean to be that MEAN but I was just warning you, there are reasons......

  2. I'd like to hear about what you're majoring in at UVA, and some more about your college experiences!! also, do you still want to live in NYC?

  3. cnt wait till it's colder! had an article about fashion & i fell in loooove w/ that kind of boot

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