Thursday, October 24, 2013

the great debate: leggings as pants?

leggings & top x cotton on
boots x seychelles
jacket x urban outfitters

The legging - awful or tasteful.  To say my take on it is the right one would not be appropriate in this case; you all can be the judge of that (see above).  I remember the first day I rocked the legging and Abercrombie & Fitch jean skirt look; I thought I was hot shit.  However, the legging trend has evolved quite a bit since then.  By evolved, I mean people lost the jean skirt and are now wearing just the leggings.  Everywhere I look around grounds all I see are black leggings, some sort of brown boot, and some sort of top.  The top is the key to the legging equation: does it cover the butt, or does it not?  This is the great debate: do leggings take the place of pants, or are they just another form of tights underneath a long jumper or some sort of dress? 

My opinion: If your intentions are to put emphasis on your rear, then wear flattering jeans or yoga pants.  Leggings are for the long sweaters, the long flowy shirts, and the bouncy skirts.  If the leggings are supposed to imitate pants in their design and they don't look like leggings - go for it - wear them with whatever suits your fancy.  All I am saying is: no one, except for the occasional male gawker, wants to see tight leggings that hit at the hips and a short t-shirt bearing the midriff.  



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