Thursday, October 10, 2013

"the best time of your life"

sometimes I wonder why some people say college is "the best time of your life".  is it really that good?  is it really that much more fun compared to other times in your life?  I don't know about those people, because I personally am not even close to experiencing the best time of my life.  is it fun to remember all those times that you don't remember anything because you were too drunk?  or is it the fact that you don't have any other responsibilities except for school work?  I don't know.  I guess you could say the people that think college is the best time of their lives need to live a little more outside of college.  I feel like if you peg the best time of your life at such a young age, then all your expectations for the future are shot.  you will end up saying "well, this isn't as fun as college", but I've got news for you, it won't be college.  college is to get an education and, yes, to have fun, but it isn't the end all be all.  believe it or not, college is just a stepping stone to the - most dreaded word any young adult will hear - "real world".

maybe I am just a boring person to say that college isn't the best time of my life.  call me boring, call me whatever you want, I don't really care.  some people have the best time in college because they are in an environment were they feel comfortable and can be themselves without judgement (also known as having fun).  however, I don't have that experience, or not yet anyways.  at this stage in my college experience I would rather be somewhere else. maybe another university?  I don't know.  It's a decision that I have to make as a student - graduate from a prestigious institution such as the University of Virginia, or go somewhere where I am, god forbid, happy?  sure, I realize that the future is an important thing to consider (my first paragraph says it all), but I believe happiness is a key to success.  if I am not happy, will I have the motivation to achieve anything?  am I in an environment where I can thrive?

questions, questions, questions.
it's all a matter of me answering these questions as time goes on.

advice to those who haven't applied to college yet: do your homework.  find out where you will thrive and succeed and be happy.  it is truly worth the effort in the end.



  1. hmmm, not sure. I loved college, from the very first minute. I did struggle at times. When it was over, I couldn't wait to drive away but today, I would kill to go back. I struggle more today than I did then, Here is a peice of advice, love the place you are in. It is not forever. You will miss it when it is gone, regardless. hang in there Emily, Meet a cool firend. Travel the road together.

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