Tuesday, September 17, 2013

another year, another fashion week, another discount code

for some reason, starting a new school year is always difficult.  
I am either stressed out, sad, nostalgic, unable to adjust, or bored.  or all the above.  I have finally settled into my new apartment - which, if I do say myself, is darling - and I am feeling like an adult.  however, I've been in the throws of nostalgia, sadness, stress, boredom, and adjustment all at the same damn time.  it's hard when you are a GDI (god damn independent), like myself, and don't have a readily available group of sisters to hang out with.  I could take the easy way out and go against all my beliefs on greek life and just join a sorority, but I'd rather challenge myself.  I want to make friends that I am responsible for making, not because I am merely associated with them, but through *cringing* natural socialization...?  is that even a thing anymore?

well I will keep you updated on my happenings, but let's take a little detour and talk about FASHION WEEEEEK!
see more at Vogue

I die at the sight of those skirts, and I adore the polka dots.

your favorite show so far?

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  1. uh its kinda fucked up you assume friendships based on greek life are unnatural, or easy. they're just as genuine. i could easily say because you go to uva anyone you meet here is just an "easy" friendship you made....