Saturday, June 1, 2013

your ideal dress

yes I am wearing Jack Rogers sandals, and yes I realize how preppy they are.  but, hey, they are cute so why not?

the majority of my sunburn has faded into, shall I say, tan?  tan for me at least..and my freckles are coming in quite nicely.  I have a week then I am off to the beach once again!  this summer is treating me well.

on Monday I am participating in a photo shoot for the brand that I am interning for in Washington D.C., Andrea G. Design.  it is a Swedish fashion brand with a focus on 24-hour dresses.  I will fill you all in with the end result and pictures from the shoot!

if you could choose your ideal dress, what would it be?
strapless, maxi, a-line...etc?


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