Friday, April 5, 2013

"what's new?"

I know, I've hit an all time low.  The lapse of time between this post and my last post is atrocious.  Not to mention, every single one of these photos are mirror, iPhone pictures...I know, despicable.  Please excuse me, for this is all I have to work with as a college student struggling to find her ways.

To answer the question "what's new?" would be a joke, considering everything is new and different. To phrase it differently, I will title this little summary as "what is going on in my life right now but may change tomorrow or next month or next year".  I think that title is better suited to my unpredictable life.

What is Going on in My Life Right Now But May Change Tomorrow or Next Month or Next Year

  1. I have acclimated to UVa; to say this is a huge change from first semester would be an understatement.  As some of you may know, others not so much, I hated it here at first.  My mind was set on NYU, but much to my dismay, they wait listed the best thing they could have ever had (don't mind my conceit).  I have not only gained so many connections to the fashion industry here in Charlottesville, Virginia -- surprising to me too, ladies and gents -- but I have also gained best friends for life.  But don't worry, I have still maintained my cynicism, sarcasm, and my beliefs to not be a sorostitute! yay for GDI's (god damn independents, also known as Gamma Delta Iota -- the coolest people on grounds)
  2. Fashion is my goal in life, but I have recently realized that I haven't been looking the part.  Literally when someone asks me what I want to major in/do when I get out of school, this is my explanation "fashion fashion fashion".  However, I've been all talk; yoga pants and running shoes consist of my daily ensemble.  But when the weekend approaches, the inner-fashionista comes out of the closet and onto the party scene.  My epiphany: if you want the job, you have to look the part.  I want to be in the fashion industry, so why am I dressing like an athlete on the daily?  Therefore, the past few days have been full of ballet flats, boots, and blouses; your girl is well on her way to being the fashionista she once was.
  3. Music has always been an interest of mine, but more so recently than ever.  I am reading Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis, the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  I am researching Kurt Cobain and the grunge scene of the 90s.  I have never been so infatuated with researching the influences behind the music, the image, and the struggles of a band or musician.  Listening, reading, talking, and drawing about classic alternative rock bands fascinates me. Why can't I be in one of these bands?  Well maybe because I am musically-challenged, can't sing, and have never picked up an instrument in my life.  Oh well, a girl can dream.
what are your favorite bands?  what musician inspires you the most?

more to come, I promise!

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