Monday, April 22, 2013

speaking from experience

as promised, here I am.

finals are approaching, and I am definitely not looking forward to them.  a ten page research paper is weighing on my shoulders right now, but I am actually choosing to blog!  

since last post I have acquired a new title: Campus Ambassador for Flower Fox Denim.  if you've never heard of Flower Fox, I highly suggest you read the following little excerpt:

"FLOWER FOX is a label by founder, Julie Himmel, for trendy and unique individuals looking for cut-offs that are truly their own. FF recycles thrift and vintage denim to use as new modern templates for each customer. No two looks are exactly the same, and there are no limits to how much you can do with each pair: studded, dyed, bleached, distressed, fitted, you name it- FF can make it!

The best part, is almost each pair is $50, no matter the style! No more settling on jeans that sort of fit or jeans that you splurge hundreds of dollars on, just because they're the only option. FLOWER FOX is here for you to get as crazy or stay as tamed as you'd like"

after you finish reading here, please do yourself a favor and head on over to you will not regret it one bit.  as a Campus Ambassador for the brand, I am the liaison between the UVa Flower Fox customers and Julie Himmel, founder and owner.  if you should have any inquiries don't hesitate to contact me or!

on to other things..

so like I said before, finals are almost here, meaning I am closing in on my first year in college. weird? beyond weird.  I can't even fathom how it has been a year since I graduated from high school. time passing so fast always gets me thinking about life.  how did I get here?  how have I changed? how have I handled myself?  where am I in my life?  typical philosophical questions in the mind of Emily.  

it's been a journey, but I got here because of faith.  no, I am not very religious, rather faith in the sense that "everything will work out".  things did not work out the way I had originally planned.  I wasn't supposed to go to UVa.  I was supposed to be in the city living out my dreams.  newsflash: instant gratification is too easy, and who says I'm not going to live out my dreams?  I am young, I go to a prestigious university, and I have a future full of possibility.  in Bethenny Frankel's book A Place of Yes, she touches on this concept saying "all roads lead to Rome", meaning no matter where you start, if you work hard enough, you'll get to where you want to be.

not only have I become a more optimistic person, but I've edited the people I surround myself with.  why waste my time being with people who, pardon my language, don't give two shits about me?  it doesn't make sense.  unhealthy relationships with unhealthy people will only bring a person down.  unfortunately, I am talking from experience.  life will throw these people at you, you'll get wrapped up in their vortex, and then you will take step back and say, "wow, what was I thinking".
life is a series of trial and error experiences, my friends.  sooner or later they will add up into a million little pieces of wisdom.

enough chit chat, here are some looks..

these mirror pictures are making me laugh.
until next time !


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