Thursday, April 25, 2013

do yourself a favor

happy thursday friends !

the week is closing in on us, thank god.  
as a college student, the weekend starts on Thursday.  so right now I'm sitting in front of my closet, wet hair wrapped in a towel, deciding what I shall wear tonight.

some of you might be wondering -- what do college girls wear for a night out?
this is a very, very difficult question to answer.
  1. depends on where you are going (themed party? date function? formal?)
  2. depends on the temperature (or for some girls, weather is not a deciding factor *short skirts and tank tops in the winter*)
  3. depends on what your friends are wearing (girls will make a complete wardrobe change if their friends are not wearing something similar to them)

for me, I usually stick with something comfortable, fashionable, and something I won't die over if it gets dirty -- because let's be honest here, frat houses are dirty.  college is dirty.

one thing I will never understand is why girls go to parties with Michael Kors bags, Barbour Jackets, and Tory Burch bracelets in tow.  nine times out of ten there is a post on the UVa Facebook group page about someone losing their *insert expensive piece of clothing here*.  so girls, do yourself a favor and save your nice things for a nice occasion.

have you ever lost something expensive at a party?  how much do you regret taking it out with you?

enjoy your beautiful evening !


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