Wednesday, September 5, 2012

three months later

hi hi hi

it's been, what, three months?
well to say my life has changed would be a subtle understatement, since I am now an official college student at the University of Virginia.  things are....okay.  I've gotten the question "so how do you like UVA so far?" at least a billion times, and when I answer "it's okay, I'm adjusting.." people tend to think I'm crazy for not loving it.  I'm sorry, but given the fact that I've only been here a matter of 11 days, there is still so much to experience before I decide on whether I love it or not.  I am trying to be optimistic about things, but by nature, I am cynical.  I will say that this past weekend was much more enjoyable than the days before.  

as far as fashion is concerned, I am trying to become involved in fashion organizations on campus.  I am also on the hunt for job or internship that relates to fashion in some way.  taking pictures is going to be so hard here, but I guess that's what an iphone is for..

I'll be honest, when I first got here, the first few days made me want to run back into the arms of my eating disorder.  something about drastic change and being out of my comfort zone always brings back those thoughts.  but I know that if I went back, I would be absolutely miserable.

oh!  and I completely forgot that I hadn't shared my ombre hair on the blog yet.  I got it like two months ago, but hey, better late than never..

some other looks..

classic mirror pictures.
don't judge me.



  1. You look wonderful! I love the outfits :) Stay healthy!

  2. I say that you turn Charlottesville into a fashion capital because you are E.Camp and you can do anything. Good luck!