Thursday, December 22, 2011

things I've learned

urban outfitters dress, miz mooz boots

so Christmas is on it's way.  and 2012 comes shortly after.
2011 has been an interesting year.  like years passed, I have learned many things and I have grown tremendously.

things I've learned

intentions can be deceiving
stay humble
it's important to laugh
actions have consequences
it's not selfish to do what's best for yourself
jeans are always fashionable
the truth can hurt
respect yourself
life consists of seasons that aren't always defined
twitter is addicting
movie tickets are outrageously expensive
iphones are taking over the world
I'm more than ready for college

what have you learned this year?



  1. *"years past" nice post

  2. I can't believe you're not already in college, you seem so much older than that!
    Twitter IS addicting, man can I relate to that.
    You're gorgeous Emily, I hope 2012 brings you an amazing year. xx