Thursday, September 8, 2011

fashion through time

f21 dress, jeffery campbell pumps

I took a step back in time with this outfit.  sometimes I feel as though I should have been born in a different time just for the clothes.  but then I remember, that I have the benefit of combining many trends from past decades into one look.  however, if I had to choose a single time period in terms of style, I would choose the 1950's.  I am a sucker for the classic feminine look.  give me curls, a dress, pumps, and lipstick any day and I would be a happy girl.

your favorite fashion era?



  1. I love that dress! Thrifted?

    I love the 40s and that WWII style of masculine-gone-feminine.

    Also, sorry I haven't commented in a while, congrats on being a senior and being one of the Teen Fashion Bloggers!

  2. very cute dress! i lvoe the twenties and the sixties. poodle dress!

  3. So adorable! I wanna steal that dress. plus I love the bow detail on the heels. My favorite fashion era is deffiently the 40's or the 60's. I just adore the clothing from those eras!

  4. i love 60's and 70's fashion.
    a sprinkle of 40's war time :)

    you make me want to go shop! X

  5. 90's are the best!! grundge!

  6. Those shoes are absolute utter GENIOSITY.