Saturday, August 6, 2011


I have been the ultimate bargain shopper for the last few months.  
tj maxx, marshall's, nordstrom rack, ross, the salvation name it,  I've bargain shopped it.
oh, and if there is a sale rack, I am there too.

sure there is a lot of hype in the fashion world about $500 Prada shoes, that, yes, I would like to own, but with different priorities and a high school pay check, I don't have $500 laying around to use so frivolously.  and that is the very reason I frequent discount stores.

if you could choose between a commercial mall or a discount store, which one would you choose?


p.s. THANK YOU so much for voting for secret doors as one of the Top 25 Kid Bloggers!  I love all my readers and that is why I blog!


  1. good finds girl! xo


  2. Great finds! I love those shoes and I agree. I do not like to spend a lot on clothes.

  3. Pretty new shoes! I will shop wherever although anything with a sale price/that is super cheap wins my heart. Right now my favorite place to shop is.. my brothers house. He lives with 4 guy friends and they have a lot of random girls over that forget clothes. And guess who gets them? Yeah.. I have no shame, haha. :)

  4. Those are LOVELY shoes!
    I'm all in for discount stores and bargains. The cheaper the better. ;)


  5. I love the feel good feeling when you find an item in the sale and you know it's cheaper...although sales have this affect on me where I no doubt still spend the same amount as I would on say one full price item where as I might be able to pick up 4 or 5 little treats! We also have an amazing oxfam where I live. Its just so unique and set out so beautifully. You can find some amazing seconds there or even a diy job of making say...a skirt different, yours. A granny skirt can be hemmed and worn with a belt at the waist. Its a one of item ;)

    I love this designer second shop near me. Basically you sell your designer wear and they resell it but at bargain price. <3

    New to blogging and love your blog!

    S. X