Tuesday, July 5, 2011


button up from salvation army, lace shorts from marshall's, bcbg flats

can I just say how amazing you all are?
the support I received on my fresh start was phenomenal!  and I am ecstatic to begin this "new" journey.

first of all my life has been a little crazy recently.  I got back from the beach on Saturday after spending a week there with my friend and her family.  let's just say parts of the trip were beyond interesting.  if I told  you that I lost my two front teeth would you believe me?  well, that is in fact the truth.  I experienced my first surfing escapade ever in my life and with five minutes left in the two hour lesson, I tumbled through the waves only to get smacked in the face, specifically my mouth, by the surf board.  the board hit my two front teeth, and voila! Emily's new smile emerged.  there were no tears, but I was incredibly embarrassed by my gapped smile when the adorable surf instructors came to my rescue.  thankfully I got them fixed within 12 hours of arriving home, but from thursday to saturday, I had good reason to make fun of myself.

whats the biggest appearance mishap you've ever endured?



  1. LOVE the lace shorts!



  2. biggest ever mishap? too many to wittle it down to a few, but more specifically...biggest mishap today? standing under a tree to shelter from the rain and being pooed on by a bird, all over my outfit. in front of the whole school.

  3. Love short, lil' lady! I'm going to have to go find those!

    Well, I new you were getting a fresh start, but I had no idea HOW fresh ;)

    Hope you are well, darling!

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  5. I am obsessed with everything about his outfit. SOOOO cuuuute!!


  6. OUCH! I have nightmares about losing my teeth.
    Cutting my bangs a couple of years ago was one of my biggest mishap. They were crooked and too short :/
    I love the shorts btw!