Wednesday, June 8, 2011

prom continued

so have I stirred up overwhelming anticipation? 
have I kept you on the edge of your seats?
is it totally unbearable?

okay I'll stop being blog isn't that exciting.

it was okay.  I had fun.   however I wouldn't say it was the best time of my life.
it was almost comical how the dance itself resembled the typical high school setting.  other than that, I wasn't really into it that much.  before prom was fun, with dinner and pictures and what not, and my date was really nice.  after prom? eh, could've gone better.  I wasn't allowed to stay out very late because Angelina, yes she flew in for prom,  had to leave at the crack of dawn.  and that's basically it.  I've come to the conclusion that high school dances aren't all that great.  maybe next year I'll buy a dress (because that's really the most exciting part), take pictures, eat dinner, and then go to the after parties, not the actual dance.  

however, after all is said and done, any excuse to wear a fancy dress and look pretty is okay by me!

any high school dance experiences that were unforgettable or that you want to forget?



  1. you looked gorgeous! i love the black and white shot.

  2. That dress is awesome! But yes I have to agree that prom was pretty underwhelming. I went 3 times in HS and it was lame every time hahaha. But i did LOVE dressing up

  3. you look GORGEOUS!!!


  4. giiiirl you look so cute! that dress is awesome on you, I love the color. I never enjoyed dances too much either!


  5. You look absolutely stunning, Emily! I love hte color of your dress; and your hair, as per usual, looks incredible! :)