Sunday, May 8, 2011

a movie and a wedding

happy sunday and mother's day love bugs!

it is an absolutely beautiful day here today.  I love days like this.
this morning I finally got to sleep in and relax after a long week of testing, both AP and SAT.  last night I saw something borrowed which was adorable. 

 Jim Krasinski was hilarious

and Colin Egglesfield was very nice to look at

oh and I can't believe I never mentioned my infatuation with Kate Middleton's dress.  or maybe just her overall.  can you say gorgeous?

did I also mention that we share the same birthday?  well, we do.

the cutest movie you've seen recently?
your reaction to Kate's dress?



  1. her dress was absolutely beautiful! as is kate, as per usual. for me i must say that the highlight of the wedding was the little bridesmaid who hated everything and frowned in every single photo! haha

  2. Kate's dress was just about the most beautiful dress I have ever seen and I love that Alexander McQueen made it!
    My friend and I are seeing Something Borrowed next weekend I cant wait. Jim Krasinski is just too cute

  3. SO funny, i went to see Something Borrow...
    what's funny about that? WELL, it was actually filmed on my street here in NYC (SO MUCH OF THE MOVIE! SO WEIRD!) But not only that, most of the rest of the film (anytime they were outside of the city) was shot in my HOMETOWN! Isn't that weird?!?!?!?!?

    you still need to come by my giveaway!!! xoxo End tomorrow! So get your entry in for a CUSTOM MADE DRESS!!!


  4. ooh so cute that you have the same birthday as kate! I am so excited to see something borrowed ;) looks so cute! I LOVE john krasinski!!


  5. Gah! I am so behind on movies right now it's not even funny. I am dying to see Something Borrowed - but first I want to read the book! :)

  6. Oh I want to see that movie!! And my reaction? That she was gorgeous x

  7. I want to see that movie too! Some theatres have it where if you wear an old bridesmaids dress, you get a free movie! Haha

  8. I love love love Kate Middleton!! I will prolly wait for something borrowed to come to netflix. not a big romcom fan :)