Sunday, March 27, 2011

prom? summer? college? please.

f21 tshirt, h&m denim maxi skirt, thrifted flats

hi there love pies.  how was your week weekend? 
mine was nothing special -- just hanging out with friends, a little Bradley Cooper, and a little shopping.  this particular shopping trip was dedicated to finding the perfect prom dress, and I was successful in the end. pictures of the dress you ask?  well I thought about it, and I've decided to not unveil it until after prom...meaning June.  embrace the anticipation!

anywho, this week is the last of the third quarter.  can you believe it?  summer is almost here, and I will be one step closer to senior year and then college!  speaking of college, the search is continuing to get more and more complicated, as I am getting more and more confused.  I've gone from knowing exactly where I want to go, to having an idea, to not having a clue.  cool.  the next six months are going to be fun.

now it's time for another ED FAQ:

how do you handle fear foods?

food cannot be labeled good or bad.  realistically, fear foods don't have the power to make you gain 1373205 pounds in one meal, or even one bite.  food is about enjoyment.  eat it in moderation and you'll live, I promise.  because I can bet my life that those fear foods are something you used to eat and love, and there is no reason for you not to eat and love them now!



  1. You are gorgeous! I can't wait to see the dress you found, I'm sure it's lovely.

  2. I am literally counting down the seconds until you reveal your prom dress - I just know that it is stunning!! :)

  3. how exciting! i miss the days!
    did you choose where you will go to college?
    cant wait to see what you wear to prom!

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  4. Oh wow college! What a fun time. You will LOVE college. I cannot wait to see your prom dress and I love this look. I need to get one of those long skirts.