Tuesday, February 22, 2011


uo blazer, ae jeggings, roxy tank, bcbg flats, h&m brooch

wow.  has it been a week already?
well, I'm here and I've got many looks to come for the next few posts.  I did manage to make use of what I have, but I did happen to do a teensy bit of shopping (I can't help myself).  The new stuff will make an appearance later in the week.

My mind has been reeling these past few days: college, college, college.  
Should I go here, should I go there; should I do this, should I do that.
I met with my counselor on Thursday, and basically, it's all up to me.  Should I go to NYC, pursue my fashion dreams at an art school, or should I play it safe and stick to a liberal arts education..or can I have the best of both worlds?  I still have almost a year, but still, I like to get a head start on everything.

and is the weather crazy or what?  70 degrees on Friday and then BOOM another snow storm.  
Dear weather, make up your mind.  Sincerely, Me.

okay I'm out -- have a good week!



  1. your broach is really cute. I have the same problem with college. I graduate this year and I still am not sure. I am actaully decieding between two majors and two colleges. My major depends on the college becuase this one college I love and its wonderful but this other one everyone raves about and has both majors so if I change my mind it would work but i hated the dorms and the larger campus. Oh how stressful life is.
    Dang! 70 degrees! we only had 59 at the highest and then a giant snow storm came two days later.
    Cant wait to see more outfits!

  2. I'm sorry that you're finding picking a college so stressful. I hope you figure out your choice sometime soon :)
    I adore that brooch. It's so cute. The whole outfit is great as always :)

  3. Take it from a college girl, the first couple years of college are more about getting to know who you are and really defining your identity than pursuing your educational career. Go with Liberal Arts, is my best advice. That way you will get a lot of different classes to really get you thinking about your world and yourself from different perspectives. You will become more sure of yourself as you go.

    Super cute blog, you're a super cute girl, and I'm definitely following you on Bloglovin now.

    If you ever want any advice about college stuff, you can contact me and I'd be more than happy to help you out with it. I've been a big help for my two little sisters (the youngest of which is going to be graduating High School this year). =]


  4. cool lighting!!!



  5. Cute outfit! I love the shoes! :)

    I wish I could give you some awesome advice on what to do for college but.. I can't. This is my second year off after graduating high school and while I am FINALLY going to university this September, it took awhile for me to know what I wanted to do. If anything, don't rush things. Take your time, even if that means taking a year off. You'll know which choice is the right one. :) Also, don't forget that you can always change your major! Nothing is always 100% certain.

  6. College is confusing. I entered with one major, and now I've switched gears and am pursuing a Master's degree in my minor. Crazy! Sometimes you have to start something before you know exactly what you want to do. :/

  7. I have decided I want to come raid closet. Your clothes just get better and better!!

  8. it seems like fashion is your dream. why not take a giant leap of faith and head to nyc, center of it all. college is a place for new experiences, don't play it safe. chase your dreams fearlessly