Thursday, February 24, 2011

letting go

thrifted men's flannel shirt, bp gingham dress, thrifted leopard flats

wow you all have tons of great advice about college!  thank you so much for all those tips, and for those of you who have offered guidance whenever I need it, I'll be following you up on that.

anyway, I forgot to mention this in my last post, but I have been in the process of trying out for track.  yeah, so I kind of haven't done any exercise in about..oh maybe..4 or 5 months?  so let's just say I am feeling it BIG time.  since being recovered, weight restored, healthy enough to engage in physical activity, let's just say, I haven't done anything.  anything drastic or enough to count for something, that is.  two years of anorexia with no exercise + another almost full year of no exercise = 3 years of no exercise.  in my mind, I'm still the athlete I once was, but my body just isn't in that condition anymore.  I was, and I pride myself on being, an athlete; so not being able to do certain things that I used to do is tough to handle, and I'm particularly hard on myself.  

with the latter in mind, my friends persuaded me to do track.  and I am. and I'm not quite as good as I thought I'd be.  but, guess what?  not everything is about "how good" you are, or being "the best".  while my inner competitiveness still permeates into everything I do, I am trying to look at this new endeavor with a fresh perspective.  why do I have to be the best?  what do I have to prove?  who do I have to prove something to?  my answer to myself: I don't have anything to prove to anyone, and even if I'm not the best, I'm still a person with value and worth.

note to self -- enjoy this, because you deserve to have fun, even if you aren't first, you tried, and that's all that matters.

 what do you do for exercise?
do you feel like you have to be the best?
are you competitive?

TGIFT: thank god it's Friday tomorrow



  1. Good for you Em!! P.S. your bday gift is on its way.. =]

  2. I do cardio three days a week for 40 minutes a day. I use 5-pound weights and a balance ball. I feel like it tones me, and keeps me feeling fit! :)

  3. I do track and I love it. what events are you planning on doing?
    For me I am very competetive in track, becuase I love it so much but other things in life I am so no competetive because I dont have a strong passion for them.
    I would deffiently recoomand doing repeat 200's they will help in you 100-800 even the hurdles. Try and work your way up to 3 sets of 4. For starting off a good time would be between 48-50 seconds. Stay consistant with them. Eventuaully you will be able to do them in 35-40 seconds.
    If your going more for distance work you way up to a good 45 min run and then do about 50-100 meter fast stride outs after. It will be a great way to built distance and speed. Try weight too becuase the more muscle the faster you go.
    Also I never feel like I have to be the best, in track their are alot of naturally talented people and I am not one of them, but I achieved a varsity spot by giving it my all. Sometimes in practice I dont feel like it give it 100 percent but then I go home and challenge myself by doing something extra. You dont have to be the best to achieve something great.

  4. I love how summery your outfit is!
    I'm glad that you feel better about making your college decision.
    I feel the same way about running. I actually cannot remember running at any time without some form of eating disorder being involved. I'm getting back to running again but I'm making sure not to push too hard and I'm just trying to running for the sake of running. I'm definitely too competitive! .

  5. I do a Zumba dance class at the gym with a bunch of my friends twice a week. It's really so much fun I forget I'm exercising!

  6. Wish all of the network of friends have a new start .

    hope you have a great 2011. Thanks for the link, sweetie!
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  7. Great great outfit!

    I do nothing for exercise. Occasionally I will jump on my baby trampoline though. Ugh, I am so lazy

  8. college was SO FUN! i wish i could do it all over again!
    love your outfit
    and i work out SO much, it feels great to be in shape! sometimes it can be boring, so i always make sure to bring a good book/mag/position myself in front of a good tv at the gym! :)


  9. For exercise I like jogging or doing exercise DVDs. I use to be competitive and sometimes I still am but it's exhausting. While a bit of competition is healthy, it's not worth trying to compete in everything. Sometimes we just have to do things because we enjoy it, even if we aren't the best at it. :)

    I hope you like track! Remember, the most important thing is that you have FUN.