Sunday, February 6, 2011

football-is-over sunday

f21 cardigan, express pants, free people cami, bcbg flats

guess what?
I'm most likely ending therapy this summer.  this is the triumph of all triumphs, in my opinion, because my therapist, the person who knows me the best, thinks I'm ready to move on.  we've basically covered all topics relating to my eating disorder and now I'm talking more about my normal, teenage problems rather than my ED problems.  I sound more like a teenage girl trying to figure it all out rather than a girl suffering from an eating disorder.  it's so hard to imagine not seeing my therapist every other week, because it's been such a constant in my life for the past two years.  it's also amazing to think about how far I've come in this process.  at the beginning, I was a lost, denial-ridden anorexic, trying to escape all forms of recovery at all costs.  today, I'm well on my way to being the best version of myself.  I'm strong, healthy, and fearless, and most importantly, Emily.

on a different note, I hope you all have a wonderful superbowl sunday!  
the best part about the superbowl? FOOTBALL SEASON IS OVER.
the food and the commercials are not too bad either.

love you all, 
thank you for getting me through so much.
I couldn't have done it without you.

p.s. I never really realized how many people I know read this blog!  it's kind of crazy.


  1. That's fantastic about your therapist!
    I'm scared, yet excited, to have the same conversation with mine.

    I love that outfit on you.
    Random question:
    Do you think that knowing people that you know read the blog, makes it harder to post honestly or not?

  2. I really like your title. your pants are very nice also, I have actaully never shopped at Express.
    Congrates on your accomplishments

  3. Congratulations Emily!! That's great news!! :)
    Your outfit is lovely as always!
    So, packers or steelers? haha
    i hope you had a lovely weekend!

  4. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!

  5. Ohmigosh Emily this is fantastic news! congratulations! I am so incredibly proud of you!! :)

  6. thank you all so much!
    falafelwaffle -- great question! and yes, sometimes it makes it harder to post certain things, but I do it anyways. if people I know read it and judge it, then they shouldn't be reading anyways :)

  7. Love the title of this post. It truly is a wonderful day. Also I am so happy for you and all the progress you have made!

  8. cool pants!

    come by my new giveaway!!!


  9. Congratulations girl! That is such a huge and remarkable step!

  10. That's so awesome!!! I'm so proud of you, Emily. You've fought hard to get where you are and I know that you'll just keep prospering. :)