Saturday, January 22, 2011

spring dreaming

how's the week been, bloggies?
mine has been alright.  exams haven't been as bad as I expected, so that's something to smile about.
and plus, it's friday -- which is a much anticipated day after this stressful week.

do you know what else is much anticipated?  spring.
warm weather, fresh fashions, and the undying desire to spend time in the sun.  
sounds like music to my ears.

what am I getting at?  well my spring fashion must-haves, of course.

(and in my dreams..)

white jeans
Citizens of Humanity Thompson High Rise Skinny Jeans
Topshop Stone Trellis Ring
high-waisted shorts
Forever 21 Brocade Tap Short
Michael Kors 'Madison' Clear Resin & Crystal Watch

what do you want for spring?

enjoy your saturday!


  1. I think I'm going to channel my inner Parisian princess <3. Pale pinks, flowing silk tops, skinny pants, stripes-- romantic!
    Specifically I want this skirt from American Apparel:

    During the winter I always go for edgy looks and try to soften it up in the warmer months. It's easy to look edgy when you have a tailored, high collared Pea Coat, but spring is the time to be soft and lady-like!

    Love those jeans and that resin watch <3

  2. can it PLEASE be spring yet?!
    it is SO COLD here !!!! Love your outfit!


  3. You look fantastic. And I literally got a pit in my stomach when you showed the white jeans!! I want to wear mine so badly!

  4. You should come to SoCal - the weather has been in the seventies for the past two weeks. Some kind of winter, right? :P

    For spring all I want is towering, sky-high wedges! :)

  5. the ring is so cool :D
    and the short is very cute :D

  6. I love the ring, high waisted shorts and watch!