Monday, January 3, 2011


how has 2011 been so far?
I haven't had many complaints myself.
well...except for one.

my new year's eve was spent, not a party, not with friends, but in the comfort of my own home.  alone. with only skype to keep me company.  why, you ask?  well, I've contemplated spilling this here on my blog, but after some thought, I've chosen to spill.  

I was grounded all last week.

you are probably wondering what on earth I could have possibly done to get myself grounded, as I have never been grounded in all my life, save for the five minutes I was sent to my room when I was about six by, of all people, my brother (yeah I wonder what I was thinking, too).

to make the long story short and to avoid any potential costs to my future, I will be concise --
lying to parents + party + cops = you can probably finish this equation..

I take responsibility for my actions, I realize the things I did were not the smartest moves, and to top it all off, I have been beating myself over it a whole heck of a lot.  however, I also feel as though I was at the wrong place at the wrong time.  I'm a teenager -- let's be honest; kids are going to drink, I'm very likely going to be around drinking and other things of that nature, and it's just a part of the high school scene.  does that make it okay? no.  does that entitle kids to drink? no.  but it's what's happening in this day and age.  it's reality.  I can't change it, and I'm not going to sit at home all the time because I'm afraid of getting caught in the wrong place.  I'm not going to withdrawal from all "get-togethers" or become anti-social because I live in fear.  I'm not going to kill myself to be perfect, because I've been there and done that.  I'm not.  I'm not.  I'm not.  I've stayed on this little perfect line for so long.  I'm smart, I'm not going to let anything like the latter happen again, and I'm not going to turn into a wild, out-of-control (excuse my french) B.A. either.  I am a teenager and I want to be a teenager.

so I guess the point of telling you all this is to --
a. vent
b. make a point
c. get your feedback

thoughts? opinions? related stories?
don't be afraid to say what you feel!

have a good evening!


  1. don't beat yourself up if you learned a lesson you can live with afterward...cops are not bad people...they may have prevented you from getting in a car with a drunk is never the mistakes you make that matter, it is how you clean them up. party on girl...just do it with smart people

  2. Emily, being grounded, drinking, partying, is all part of the high school experience!!! Don't beat yourself up, hun. There's plenty of time to act like a "grown up". Just don't let those things put you in danger, ok? Everything else is fair play ;)

  3. what you said about your not going to live a closed off life and become anti-social because your living in fear really made sense. like i feel like my mom is that she doesnt really like to let me go out and such because shes sooo afraid of something happening to me. and reading what you had to say about it really made sense to me cause its like part of life is about just living, and living your life to the fullest and not feeling like you have to miss out on so many opportunities in life even if its just an opportunity to be with the ppl who make you happy which are your friends. were only going to be this young once right? i dont want to feel like i wasted my years of being a young adult because my mom is so afraid of 'what could happen,' and the last thing im guna say is...pardon my french but shit happens :) theres no avoiding it

  4. DIG this outift! put together very well!


  5. girl you're gorgeous.
    and do you regret the party really? because... all i regret is the outcome. (;

  6. Love your look and don't stress about being grounded. I was grounded A LOT of HS, but it really is all part of the experience. if fact, making stupid mistakes in hs helped me to NOT make them in college. and so i really succeeded in college cuz I wasn't out drinking, partying and being crazy is college. So it may seem rough now. but you are so smart you will learn from this.

  7. Honestly, I think that it's hard being a teenager for this exact reason. When I was 15, I was hanging out with a group of people, and they started prank calling others, and saying really weird stuff. I didn't partake in the behavior myself, but I didn't do anything about it either. Long story of the people they prank called actually called the cops, and everyone's parents came to me to find out what was said on the phone. I ended up telling; but that action caused me to lose friends because everyone thought that I had turned them in. It's all a learning experience, I think. Don't beat yourself up about it though. :/

  8. Definitely don't beat yourself up about it because YES, things like that happen and will CONTINUE to happen. It's life. If you wanted to avoid situations like that you would most likely have to stop going to parties altogether. Be safe and try to make smart decisions but! :)

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  10. Same thing happened to me. My Parents NEVER did anything about grounding me or taking anything away, but then they found out that one night (New Years LOL)that me and a couple of my friends were buying some stuff. They also found out that we got it from a very, how can I put this, not a very nice part of Maryland. They gave me this lecture about how I should not be doing this sort of stuff, because it ill lead to other things. Even though it was not my first time, nor will it be my last, I TOTALLY AGREE on what you are saying about not becoming one of those people that stay at home and do nothing! Your are amazing and beautiful! Ohhh, and your parents, all you have to do is go through the punishment without complaining(:

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