Monday, January 17, 2011

just what I needed

f21 skirt, free people tank, thrifted flats, f21 earrings

exams start tomorrow.  
*eyes roll*
so please excuse any unannounced absences from the blog world this week.  

my long three day weekend was very uneventful; probably just what I needed.  I haven't been up to much as of late, and it has felt relaxing while it has lasted, but I think I'm ready to have a social life again.  I saw Country Strong on saturday night.  it was good, but kind of all over the place.  the best part was probably Garrett Hedlund, who is not too bad to look at, or listen to ;)

how was your weekend?
anything fun or exciting?



  1. i want to see that movie! what a stud

  2. I found out I received a scholarship that will pay for a trip to NYC. For four glorious days I will be gallery and museum hopping all over the big apple! My first scholarship ever!

    I hope your exams go well, and don't forget to be fabulous. (I know you won't)

  3. Good luck on exams! Love your outfit, per usual :)

  4. congrats Colleen! that is an amazing opportunity. I can't wait to hear about it :)

  5. love the skirt! so "tutu" which is SO in style after Black Swan! Beautiful!


  6. Gah! Good luck with exams - I am sure you will be marvelous, Emily! Also...I NEED that skirt!! :)

  7. good luck with exams! maybe you'll get another snow day on friday?

  8. good luck with your exams :)
    and i love that outfit its just darling!
    please check out my fashion blog everyone!

  9. i just love your flats gorgeous !!
    good luck with your exams dear!!

  10. My GOSH! What a beautiful outfit. I adore it.