Sunday, January 9, 2011

january 9, 2011

Dear Emily,

Today is your seventeenth birthday.
I can't even begin to tell you how much you have grown as a person this past year, mentally and physically.  You have changed into a person that loves herself unconditionally, despite those bad days.  You have found the confidence to live a life you want, without anyone else telling you how to live it.  You have come out of your shell and your comfort zone, which has allowed you to meet some amazing people.  There are just no words to describe your growth, determination, and drive to escape your eating disorder that once defined your life.  And now, look at you, you are defining your life.

The road ahead of you is long and unpredictable, and no doubt treacherous at times, but you have the strength to overcome anything.  Just remember not to take yourself too seriously -- have fun, be spontaneous, go wild.  You are only young once.

And last, but certainly not least, know that you are beautiful -- inside and out.  There may be days where you think differently, but it's the truth.  Your worth is constant and unchanging.  Ed has nothing to vie for.

Make this seventeenth year count.
Happy Birthday.


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  1. Happy, Happy Birthday, Emily! I hope your day is magical and sparkly!

    And I love the idea of a letter to yourself - so clever! :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Have a most lovely one :)

  3. Happy birthday! I hope 17 is your best year yet!

  4. Happy birthday!! :) You can do this!! Stay strong!

  5. yay BIRTHDAYS!
    mmm CAKE!


  6. Wow,.What a beautiful post!!! Happy bday Emily!! this year is going to rock for you!!! I'm sending you big hugs girlie, have an awesome time :)

  7. girl, you are the bomb any day of the is pretty cool that you picked one day to really tell yourself go on, make it a year of big fun!