Wednesday, January 26, 2011

home is where the heart is

a while back I received a comment asking if I'd show more of my house.  so, yes, it took me longer than expected to get a hold of the camera and finally get the motivation to snap a few shots of mi casa, but today I found the time thanks to mother nature...

...aka no school.

now I present to you...
ma maison 

this couch is basically where I live.  my home inside my home.

where the magic happens...

where my drug of choice fruit is stored..

up the stairs... 

down the hallway... 

knock, knock...

my room!

that's basically my house in a nutshell.  there are other rooms here and there, and I'm sure you'll catch a glimpse of them sometime.  I love my house because it's comfy and cozy and really feels like a home.

what do you love about where you live?
does it feel like home? or is home somewhere else?

take care, bloggies.  especially if you're stuck in the snow like I am.
looks like another snow day for me tomorrow!



  1. oh my gosh, your house is to die for!!!!
    thank you for following me hun, ive followed you back :)

  2. Your house is so pretty! From the photos is seems to cozy. I also very much enjoy the red everywhere. My home deffiently feels like home without my bed and shower I never feel right, college is going to be a stretch

  3. Looooove it:)


  4. You have a beautiful home!! Love the kitchen!

  5. Um, can I move in? Your house is gorgeous! Very, very jealous. :D

    I've never liked my house because it has never felt like home. The only real part of it that feels home-y to me is my bedroom.

  6. looks SO COZY! thanks for sharing!


  7. your house looks lovely, i really need to clean up my room lol.. i feel so messy after seeing your photos

  8. You house is so cozy and classic. I love it. It actually feels a lot like my apartment. I have been meaning to do a post about my pace :)

  9. Omigosh, your room is absolutely gorgeous! I love it.
    Please check out/follow my blog. I LOVE yours!


  10. Ohmigosh Emily I LOVE your house! Please, please, please can I move in?! :P

  11. I am in love with your house, and ecspecially your room! I love the giant Audrey Hpeburn poster. I have two regular audrey posters in my room. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  12. Oh my goodness Emily, I am so pumped I found your blog again! I'm sure you don't even remember me but I used to have a blog called "Health, Happiness, and Haylee." Anyways I used to follow your blog so I was excited when I somehow ran across it again today. You are as gorgeous as ever girl! And you have the most incredible style, I'm totally in love with every outfit you post.
    And k last compliment I swear.. haha but I am in LOVE with your room. I love how elegant you've made it look.
    Hope you have a good day Emily. :)

  13. Your home is to die for. And you still have a killer style as ever :)