Wednesday, January 12, 2011


f21 shirt, madewell skirt, target tights, seychelles boots

first of all, thank you for all the birthday wishes!  one reason I made it through my sixteenth year in one piece is because of my readers :) second of all, double thank you for all the support you all gave in response to my little confession.  one word to describe your advice and comfort? amazing.  and you guys are right, beating myself up about it is not worth it.

remember a long, long time ago when I mentioned starting a club or organization at my school relating to eating disorder awareness?  well, it may be long overdue, but I have contacted my counselor to talk about starting something.  I see so many girls, every single day, who, I know, I just know, are suffering.  they are not only killing themselves, but they are killing me inside just watching them do themselves harm.  honestly, I really want nothing else than to go off to college and leave high school behind, but before I graduate, I want to leave a piece of me that will inspire someone, somewhere in my community to recover, stay healthy, or even reach out to someone else.

if you could do one thing in your community to help others, what would it be?
what would you do?  why would you do it?

wear purple tomorrow for ED awareness!



  1. Do keep us updated with how the club proceedes. I think its a wonderful idea. I honestly do not know what I would leave behind to help other in my community.
    I am glad also that you had a good birthday, keep staying strong for the only one that can bring deveat is on itself

  2. Thank you thank you for bringing awareness to your school! You'll be doing so much to those who can't speak out for themselves <3 I can't wait to hear how that goes.
    In my university, I'm part of a mental health awareness club where we promote to end stigmas about all mental health issues-but I would love to do more in my community regarding ed's and create a support group for those who are struggling and believe that they are alone; because one of the worst things while going through recoveyr from an ed is thinking that you are alone in the world. And even the blogging community now allows people to share recovery help with each other and be that support system, which I find awesome!
    Keep up the great work!! In recovery and your club.
    P.S. You and your outfit are both gorgeous. Love the skirt <3

  3. Cool Skirt!
    I was in a sorority and was a girl scout my whole life! I really enjoy community service and im so happy that there are other girls who do as well! it's posts like this that make me realize i have to look around my community here in nyc and get more involved! thanks!!


  4. i REALLY wish that i could have stayed at the old school and not gone to the new one cause that club that your planning on starting sounds amazing and i would have loved to join:) yourr AHHMAZINGGG <3 tatiana

  5. Lovely Outfit!
    I love the skirt so shiny!
    Good luck with your club :D

  6. I think that's awesome that you are actually going to be putting a group together at your school - that's something to be proud of! Loving your skirt darling x

  7. Fingers crossed that your counselor approves this, Emily - I think that it is such a fantastic idea on your part! :)

  8. what you're doing will have such a tremendous impact. its admirable, emily.