Monday, January 31, 2011



can a word sound anymore..awkward?
as if it's pronunciation doesn't carry enough uneasy tension, the meaning takes the word to a whole new level.

awkwardadjective; causing embarrassment or discomfort; lack of social grace
Emily is awkward sometimes.

I won't sit here and bore you all day with definitions, but I will expand a little more on why I bring this up.

a) because that example sentence is true
b) because I need to get over this
c) because I want to be socially confident
d) because I'm a normal (yeah I can't believe I just used the "n" word, too) teenage girl

awkwardness has been in my life for a long time.  I believe that it's a part of my introversion, but I also believe it's a little leftover part of my unconfident, self-conscious sense of self; the feeling of "oh god all these other girls are prettier, skinnier, and better than me"; or ED's voice still echoing in my head telling me I'm not worth it.  so, I think it's time to steal that piece of myself back.  I want to be strong, assertive, and not afraid to be outgoing or speak my mind in the presence of anyone and everyone.  yeah, sure, I'm a teenager and these are my awkward years, but there are ways to get around this -- I believe this feeling of unworthiness puts a hamper on my social experiences.

from now on, I'm vowing to be myself at all times.  I don't care who is there, what's going on, or where it is; I am going to try to be confident (or at least fake it).

do you consider yourself an awkward person?
what are your secrets to overcoming your awkwardness?
what are any funny/embarrassing awkward moments that you've had?

I'll be back this week with fashion posts.  I had all last week off because of snow, so I was in pj's all day, everyday :)



  1. ha this is funny!

    come by my giveaway today!


  2. Haha-You're so funny! But yes, awkwardness is awful-I wish there was a cure for it! :)

  3. Everyone has their own level of awkardness, regardless of their age. Trust me, it's not just a teen thing! What does improve with age, is how you handle your awkardness - the older you get the less you care how you seem or look to others and that is liberating!
    Some of the most creative and brillant people we're socially awkard - it was part of their brillance.

  4. Hahaha yes I am SO awkward!! So So awkward. So i love this post. I like to embrace my awkward tendencies.

  5. Please, you are talking to Miss Awkward here! I feel as if my entire life is one big, awkward debacle. I think that the main way to overcome it is to feign ignorance to it. Everyone is awkward in their own way; the only difference is that some choose to dwell on it, and others move on. :/

  6. Heheheh I'm the QUEEN of awkward! I hope it gets better with time, too.