Friday, December 24, 2010

'twas the night before christmas

target leopard tights, f21 skirt, aerie blouse, hand-me-down jean jacket, payless boots

merry christmas eve my lovely readers!
how've you all been?

a week feels like a lifetime when it comes to posting.  I've just been caught up in the "before-the-holidays" chaos, but I'm here, school is finally out, and its christmas eve!  can you even believe it?!  seems like yesterday we were ringing in the new year of 2010..

last weekend I went and saw Black Swan with my friends.
I left the theater speechless, it was such an interesting movie.  sure there were gross parts, but the ending was amazing -- definitely oscar worthy.  Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis were phenomenal.  the movie made me think of my own struggle over the past few years and how my eating disorder was the ultimate strive for perfection. and even though it was killing me, I was willing to do anything to get what I wanted.  anything to be the best.  anything to be the thinnest.  no matter how many people I hurt to get there, I was going to get there.

if you ever get the chance to see it, which only some can stomach a movie like that, then I truly recommend deciphering the message that lies within.  if you look past all the grotesque-ness and strangeness, you'll find symbolism that definitely runs parallel with eating disorders and many other life obstacles.

now I want to take this time to sincerely wish you all a very merry christmas!
I hope you spend time with your loved ones and if you are having trouble with the foody-ness of the holidays, just remember that it's NOT about the food, it's about warmth, love, and spirit.
and if you don't celebrate christmas, please have a wonderful weekend!

love love love
thanks to we heart it for the pictures!


  1. very festive outfit! I like the touch of plaid.
    I really wanna see Black Swan but I am pretty sure ill have to wait till netflix. It seems so intense, after reading what some of the actresses had to go through. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  2. I saw black swan and I was alittle bit torn as to whether or not I liked it. Don't get me wrong, the choreography was great, the costumes, and Natalie Portman did a great job, something about it just rubs me the wrong way!

    Hope all is well! I'd like to see another art post sometime soon ;)

    u look GREAT!


  4. Ah, I LOVE this outfit on you, Emily - I can't resist denim jackets!

    I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas!! :)

  5. LOVE all the textures and patterns in your outfit <3 you look amazing!