Saturday, December 4, 2010

three in one

f21 skirt, gap blouse, miz mooz boots, h&m necklace

h&m blouse, f21 skirt, target boots

f21 tunic, bp jeggings, thrifted leopard flats

I am alive.  I didn't fall of the face of the earth.
I have been so busy with so many things this week.

wednesday: driving improvement class (3 hours..kill me)
thursday: driving improvement class (another wonderful 3 hours)
friday: work 
saturday morning: SAT

the driving class?  not as painful as I thought, but still painful
work?  same old same
SAT?  oh you know -- I just MISSED A SECTION

yeah, I missed a section on the SAT, it's a long story so I don't want to get into to it, but it was entirely my fault and I should have been paying closer attention to what I was doing (or not doing).  good thing I can take it as many times as I need to! YAY! *sarcasm intended*

I hope you enjoyed the picture overload.  since I didn't have any time to blog this week, I thought I would combine three looks in one post or, as my post title indicates.  which brings me to a new topic for discussion...

is there one item of clothing that you like to wear in three different looks?  
a piece that fits the mantra "three in one"?  what is it? 
or if you don't own such a piece of clothing, what is something that you want that has this versatility? tell, tell, tell!

for me, I find mixing slouchy, cropped tops into different looks really fun.  I love to make them look dressy despite their casual look, or just wear them as they are in all their slouchy-ness!

alright, I'm off to be social
have a great weekend!


  1. O no, sorry about the SATS test but it's good i guesssss you can take it again, despite the in inconvenience ey!

    love the outfits. I really want some knee high boots. I love your brown boots <3

    for me an item that i would wear in three different outfits..
    ok so i would say my vintage hair scarfs but then is that clothing or more towards hair accessories. i love to just wack them in my hair whatver the look, dressy, casual...bed look. you name it, i've rocked it.
    My favourite item has to be my plain beige cotton skirt. its comfy! importnat check there. but you can wear it as a high waist skirt, roll the top down so it's a normal hip skirt and it goes with everything - at least for my tastes it does. love to rock it with something as casual as a over sized tee tucked in or with a waist belt or i enjoy wearing it with heels and a dresssy top. endless possibilities from one simple comfy skirt :)


  2. ooh im LOVING the new header :)

  3. your room is so incredible.. could you show us more of your house?
    also, awesome outfits! (obviously)

  4. That tunic with the leopard print flats is such a daring combo! I love mixing patterns!

    I rock this sequin skirt I got from J. Crew on sale and I like to dress it up, but also dress it down!

  5. oh driving improment classes sound..... fun ...
    ahah I am loveing the lace, and you seems to always have such amazing lightening for your OOTD, its still dark when i go to school.
    A plain black long sleeve shirt is something I could pull off so many looks with.

  6. Most def. my express black skirt. It goes with everything. I usually mix it with different tank tops but I love changing the whole look with shoes, usually one of my 5 pairs of keds/vans but uggs or motorcycle boots r cute too.

  7. Omgah I love all of these looks. Esp all of the animal print! Woop!

  8. And p.s. I am SUPER sorry about the SAT. But just take it again and you will be fine xo. It will make a great story once you get into college.

  9. llooovveee your leopard + the lacey pink top! and I took the SATs twice, it was definitely a lot better the second time!

    xoxo following!

  10. Hi, I adore you - your style gets more and more phenomenal with each post. Though the amount of miserable things you have had to experience this week is horrendous - SAT, driving improvement. Blergh! :P