Monday, December 27, 2010

santa brought me...

what did santa bring me this year?

all this...

f21 jacket, shirt, and leggings, miz mooz boots

and a little, special something...

oh okay, not quite that
but better...


bloggies, meet Puck -- the newest member of the family!
he has quite the personality and I'm sure I'll have lots of stories to share about him.  he is following in his brother's footsteps as the man of the house.  love you Honus baby.

I hope you all had a fabulous holiday for those who celebrate.  mine was great, but it seems as though it passed by so quickly that it doesn't even feel like it happened. there should be a diagnosis for post-Christmas Withdrawal Disorder (PCWD) -- definitely legitimate, no?

well, since I have a whole lot of free time this week (in between homework of course *eyes roll*), be looking for the following posts --

1. a tour of my house
2. more art work
3. more looks
4.  more photography, perhaps?

do you have Christmas after effects?
do you feel like the holidays pass by too quickly?

have a great monday night!


  1. PUPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! oh my gosh most adorable thing ever <3 along with that coat!


  2. omg PUPPY!!!! and omg CHANEL?! hehe, not quite? but looks like u made out well either way! xo


  3. omgosh what a cute pupp!!!! merry christmas to you :)

  4. eek! Your christmas goods look fantastic! I always love all your cool clothes! You have style, girl! And your puppy! OMG! So cute! I am madly in love with puppies -- you lucky duck!

    Love always, and happy new year!

  5. Awww cuteee!(: What a great Christmas present!

  6. omg, i am so unbelievably jealous of your puppy and all your new gifts!! miss you like crazy girlie. sorry i haven't been commenting as frequently -- i've been trying to juggle two blogs (just started a tumblr!) and its quite challenging! love you <3

  7. thank you all for your sweet comments! and Becca, it is totally understandable, I have been the same way! I've been trying to juggle blogging and life, so commenting and such has been put on the back burner.

  8. Gah! He is adorbs!!! Can I share Puck with you, Emily? I asked for a dog for Christmas, as well, but Santa didn't deliver. :(

  9. YOU GOT A PUPPY FOR CHRISTMAS!??! He's adorable! Definitely looking forward to seeing more pictures of him. :)

    The holidays really do pass too quickly... although.. this one seems to be going at a nice and slow pace.