Monday, December 6, 2010


f21 cardigan, f21 skirt, miz mooz boots

before I totally forget by the end of this post, check out my article on High School Pieces!  I just started writing for them and will be a continuing contributor.  check it out!

anyway, today was, shall I say, bone-chilling cold.  I like the cold weather, but I would like it better if it involved snow, which would mean no school, which would mean time to sleep-in, which is something that has become almost foreign to me.  and the fact that I am thinking about sleeping-in now is not looking too good, considering it's only monday.  isn't it funny how mondays take on a whole new meaning once school is back in session?

you all are probably wondering about how I am doing in terms of my recovery, as I've gotten numerous questions that relate to me being at a "healthy weight".  and to answer your questions: YES.  I'm at a healthy weight and doing just fine.  I do struggle every now and then, but the past few weeks have been rather amazing.  being social and going out to do things is on my mind more than ever and that's a huge step for me.  back in the day I would have reverted into my shell and sat at home doing homework on a friday night..but that me is gone.  that never was me, it was my eating disorder doing and speaking for me.  I want there to be a point when I no longer have to vent about my eating disorder on this blog, but from where I stand today, there might be those little moments that ED creeps back into my life every now and then, and I'm okay with that.  

do you find posts with ED-related content a downer? or negative?
what about relatable? insightful? helpful?


by the way, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your "three in one" items.  aren't they the best?

sweet dreams


  1. That outfit is sooo cutee! I have to find more skirts.

    This post wasn't a downer at all, it's nice to hear that you're at a healthy weight. That's amazing, I hope I can be at a healthy weight one day too.

  2. The buttons on your cardigan are so pretty.
    This post nor any other I find to be negative, they are truely insightful.
    Here is one of my favorite quotes, I just feel ing like it may be nice to post for you:
    "Nothing is Impossible for the word itself says I'm possible"-Audrey Hepburn

  3. I love this outfit, i tend to opt for skirts a lot so i'm enjoying this skirt lots! It's beautiful!
    Also pink tights -> I suddenly really want some, or some floral tights...ok, i'm clearly going to stop before i write a shopping list.

    It's not a downer at all, in fact. It's always good to reach out and ramble and talk about your ED if you need too and of course it's rewarding to be able to post good things about your ED when you can, sounds like your doing really well, WOOO * celebration wiggle* xxx

  4. So glad you're out there living life at the moment :) it's what life is all about!

    I think its good for bloggers to be able to talk about their ED's. As long as it's not to the point where it could be triggering, I don't see it as a negative thing, especially if it's not the main focus of the blog.

    x Hannah x

  5. Aww u look so adorable..The skirt is so cute and love the details on ur cardigan

  6. No I like that you feel comfortable enough to talk about your ED! it is VERY brave of you and inspiring.

    And I want all of your clothes, just as a side note.

  7. you look so cute! those tights are too cute :)


  8. So lovely. If they're ed i hate you posts, that's amazing but not we do not want other people thinking it's cool/what they want to do etc. My best friend has an ed and she struggles. A lot. It never really goes away. ETC ETC.
    You're beautiful x hivennn.

  9. This whole outfit is amazing. You have a really cool style