Thursday, December 16, 2010

come on already

3 more days
3 more days
3 more days

that's all I keep on telling myself.
just give me Christmas break already, okay?

I did, however, get out of school 2 hours early today because of snow!  it was kind of unexpected, but I'm not complaining.  now I just need to wear my pj's inside out and flush ice cubes down the toilet so I won't have school tomorrow.  I swear, we get about 2 inches of snow and we get out of school immediately -- whereas in the north they get about 2 feet of snow and tough it all out.  
it's alright; we're babies and I am not afraid to admit it.

but maybe I should give my locale a break..after all, we were hit pretty hard last year...

I'm talking like 3+ feet
it was kind of ridiculous

I don't have any looks to share with you this week, because I just didn't have the motivation to document my outfits.  I am feeling truly uninspired as of late -- I've got fashion-rut-itus, and I could feel it coming.  maybe a few gifts from santa will help make this little sickness go away? ;)

I'm really looking for something different.
more pants, more tunics, more over accessorizing
we'll see!

what do you want for Christmas?

I'm off to get my daily tv intake in..
I know, it's pretty sad.

have a great night!


  1. lovely photos! the only thing I want for christmas is SNOW!


  2. Your lucky we go until the 22nd. It stinks, we already have the longest school days in my state soo yea its sucks even more.
    I think for christmas I would like some snow also and maybe a some nice things to redo my bedroom

  3. You know what you need, Emily... You need some glitter and sequins. That can get anyone out of a fashion rut! May I suggest putting some glitter Toms on your Christmas list? They're on mine!

  4. hang in there, you're so so close!!!!

    happy friday ;)

  5. Ah, it's snowing where you are; and it has been 80-degrees here (though now it is raining). I want snow!! :)

  6. I cannot wait for Christmas break either. It is a much needed break!

  7. AHHH im working today! xmas break begins tomorrow at 2pm! wow you have LOTs of snow! enjoy break xo