Sunday, November 14, 2010

that's life. period.

uo top, f21 shorts

remember this post?  the one in which I proclaimed my clean bill of health?  well, the clean bill of health became even more permanent yesterday.  excuse me if this is TMI, or if you are a male and this wouldn't really mean that much to you (maybe it will, seeing as though you have to deal with it's effects..).  but anyways...


I haven't had it for over a year now, and the little gift mother nature sends every month came...finally.  sure, it's nice not to have it, but that's not normal and better yet, not healthy.  it's a part of regular, NORMAL life that is inevitable for females, so I am delighted to finally feel semi-regular and normal.

now pardon me while I wallow and eat sweets
just kidding :) (but maybe not about the dessert part..)

happy sunday!


  1. congrates girl! Its a wonderful gift to have and you gotta take it for what its worth

  2. Gorgeous photos! And congrats on your monthly surprise!!

  3. Hey =)

    I was just blog surfing - as you do =P and I wanted to say congrats on getting your period! Sorry for the random 'anon' comment but I don't have a blog -
    But also - this post struck a chord with me because just a couple of days before you - on Friday to be exact - I got my period back too after also not having it for a year =D
    it feels good haha - especially because its such a healthy part of womanhood ;-)

    So congratulations and I hope you had a good celebration =)