Saturday, November 20, 2010


thrifted jacket, papaya skirt, f21 shirt

yesterday was my last day before break..and I only went to school for half the day because we were doing absolutely nothing in my classes.  sometimes I wonder, what's the point? 

 anyways, I have a full week to my leisure and I am ecstatic!  I can't even begin to believe that Thursday is Thanksgiving.  a time of food, food, and wait...more food, plus the thanks, of course.  it can be quite intimidating for me, with my past of ED wrath, but I'm ready to take it on.  reality: it's one day a year, with delicious foods that should be enjoyed.  one day won't make me 100859340 times heavier, one day won't ruin my life -- this one day should be relished for what it is.  besides, Thanksgiving is about family and being grateful for what we have, not calories!

do you develop any fears around the holidays?
if so, what are they?

happy saturday



    Thanks for stopping by my blog! (Belles&Rebelles) And for your comment!
    YOU have GREAT style! I am your newest follower!

    See you around!


  2. I definitely have fears around holidays because there will be foods there that are NOT in my comfort zone. So far I haven't handled any of the holidays well but I'm hoping that this Christmas will be different. I know it will! I'm tired of these stupid fears ruining what are supposed to be fun and meaningful holidays. Good luck with Thanksgiving, Emily! I know you'll handle it well. :)

  3. Love the mixing of the prints. No fears around the holidays, just happy to be home and spending time with family :)


  4. This time last year I was petrified. The me last year would have been scared. The me last year would have over thought everything.

    But the me this year is happy to be with my sisters, nieces, mom and dad and the rest of family. I'm stronger for them and I'm stronger for me.

  5. youre outifts are so cute, love the print skirt! xxx

  6. *your outfits even..sorry i'm a geek for getting that word right ops. *bows head in shame*