Thursday, October 28, 2010

sweet, sweet freedom

if you are wondering why I have time to blog, then I have an answer for you.
no. more. AP US History.

I can already feel the weight lifted off of my shoulders.  I can finally watch grey's without being preoccupied with homework.  I can work on my art journal and get it done.  I can, I can, I can.
I can have my life again.

part of the reason I believe I was apprehensive to drop that class was my perfectionism.  I wanted to be the best.  I wanted to be super woman.  I thought I could do everything.  But, really, the truth is..I'm only human.  Sure, I could do it all, if I had two brains and four hands.  There is only so much we, as humans, can handle at once.

On the other hand, my life has been...okay.  I haven't brought up ED in a while, but that doesn't mean he isn't in my life.  With my baby, Honus, being put down, friend drama, school stress, and whatever else has fallen in my lap these past few weeks, I've unfortunately turned to my ED to cope.  Not to an extremity, but that doesn't matter, the first little sign is significant, because it can lead down a slippery slope.

life happens. that's why I have therapy. 
but on the lighter side of things..
(thank god it's Friday tomorrow)

happy TV watching!


  1. DANG GIRL!!! look at dos guns, lookin SO fine! you are superwomannnnn you da best

  2. Hi Emily :)
    I was just wondering... are you naturally small-framed? You look tiny but I know you have said you are 100% healthy.
    By the way I love the outfits!

  3. p.s. how tall are you?

  4. p.p.s i want your hair and face. you're amazingly and classically beautiful. and there's a woman at my gym who looks like an older version of you - she's stunning!

    ok i'm going to stop leaving comments now..!

  5. Hey there! I wouldn't say I'm small framed, I'm just short of 5'5". And thank you for your sweet comments!

  6. i love you, you're stunning. you're an inspiration. you know you can always text me or call me or ANYTHING, i'd love to catch up <3 hannah hale

  7. You wouldn't say you're small framed? You look about two inches wide! :P

  8. Dude, I wish I had your hair so bad. Gorgeous!

  9. Love those outfits, my personal favorite is the pink shirt with the tights and oxfords-LOVE!

    I remember the first time I gave up something that fed my E.D. It was a really empowering moment. I felt like I could say that I honestly didn't need it anymore, and that it was no longer relevant in my e.d.

    So proud of you for being mindful of what YOU need to make you feel complete.

  10. You look absolutely phenom, Emily - I just love these pictures!

    And I'm so proud of you for dropping AP U.S. History. I think that those of us who are perfectionists always want to push ourselves to the limit and prove that we can do it all; but sometimes, for the sake of our own sanity, we simply have to admit defeat. :/

  11. Oh. My. Goodness. If only I could have been as strong as you are my dear!! I'm so proud of you. That class was seriously the death of me -- it ended up being one of the main stress factors that put me in the hospital. so proud of you girlie <3