Tuesday, October 12, 2010


thrifted talbots jacket, uo dress, thrifted heels, h&m cameo brooch

Life leads you to so many places that it is difficult to figure out where you are sometimes. 
 But then, there is that little light shining through among all the darkness.  That light is what keeps me going, that light is what makes me realize that I can make it through one more day, that light is the luminosity that brightens up my life.  It is in that light that I can acknowledge that I matter.  I am worth it.  I am okay.  Life leads you to many places, but it is the light that guides you back to yourself.

what is the source of light in your life?



  1. The source of my light is my friends and family. They keep me pushing forward and I would honestly be lost without them.

    I love the black & white foot picture, Emily!

  2. Definitely my wonderful friends. They make me happy when it seems like everything is going wrong.
    P.S. I have the same pin :)

  3. The jacket, the dress, the shoes, the belt...all on their own they're freaking fantastic. Put together? And on YOU? WOW WOW WOW. <3

    The source of light in my life...hmm. My family, I guess? I hate them sometimes, but I DO love them and I know that they're here for me!

  4. I seriously love your style, Emily - you look utterly amazing in this ensemble!

    The light in my life is...music. There's just something about it that guides me back to...me. :P

  5. Emily, these are the most beautiful pictures Ive ever seen on your blog. I wish you the best, you are a superwoman, dont forget that :)

  6. OMG! this is my favorite Secret Doors post EVER! i'm so way serious. the outfit - jacket, pin!! - your hair your hair your hair. no words. <3 <3 <3

  7. Love this post, girl. Your photos are incredible. That brooch is amazing!

  8. ur cameo brooch is SO LOVELY! you remind me of a cameo girl, so gracefully beautiful <3

  9. Love the cameo -- they're my favorite accessory! This post reminded me of the challenge in Cycle 14 of America's Next Top Model -- the light challenge in New Zealand. Anyways, beautiful outfit! You are such an inspiration!

  10. I love your cameo brooch and the shoes are fabulous.
    Great styling!