Saturday, September 11, 2010

hunt and peck

H&M sparkly tunic, f21 shorts, white leggings, BCBG nude flats

welp, you see, currently I'm playing the "hunt and peck" game with the keyboard because a. I obviously have the best luck EVER (just a wee bit of sarcasm there) and b. to be more specific - on my first soccer game in two years after dealing with hell on earth (also known as ED) I managed to fracture/break my wrist.  There is good news, however, I somehow squeezed in an assist as I was falling to the ground attempting to break my fall with none other than my hand..and you can probably guess what happened next.  But I am happy to report that no tears were shed and not so happy to report that I am dreadfully uncomfortable and have to wear a trash bag in the shower.  

The biggest challenge of this injury?
how do I incorporate it into my looks!?
possibly a poncho? or can a sling be a fashion statement? ;)

All complaints and bellyaching aside, I am glad I went down doing what I love and am very, very grateful it wasn't my leg, ankle, foot, or right hand.  I can still write and draw and most importantly; I can still live.

worst injury you've ever had?  how'd you do it?

enjoy the rest of your weekend


  1. I'm sorry, Emily! That would be so frustrating and highly annoying. But you're right, it could have been worse. The worst injury I've ever had? Uh.. couldn't really say. I've never been injured too badly. :/

  2. I'm sure you'll pull it off gracefully :) I love that top. And my worst has to be slipping in the bathroom and hitting my throat on the edge of the tub, I managed to break my fall slightly but my mom had to rush me to the hospital where they spent several hours getting me to be able to breathe normally and then several more to be able to drink and then eat. It was short lasting but I don't think I've ever been more terrified.

  3. Oh, Emily! I am so sorry! You can always tie a long scarf around your neck to create a fashionable sling :)
    I know how awful it must feel to have soccer taken away from you so early in the season due to an injury. I guess it shows how fragile we still are, and how careful we still must be. It is easy to feel invincable once we are finally healthy!

    I was riding three years ago and cantered around a slippery corner. The horse fell over and onto my foot! Luckily he got up right away, but a trip to the emergency room and a GIGANTIC ROBOTIC CAST ensued. Try pulling THAT one off.

  4. You are stunning...
    What are your skincare and exercise regime?

  5. I say ge out the DIY supplies and coordinate your sling to your look du jour - if anyone can make a sling a fashion statement it is you, Emily!

    But seriously...I'm so sorry to hear about your injury - that is horrible. You aren't in any pain, I hope? :/

  6. Love this look Em! I tried on that sparkly tunic at h&m and loved it BUT it literally covered my entire body is sparkles so I didn't get it :(

  7. oh no baby! feel better! i've never gotten a major injury but i have come close to them many times. you could totally work an awesome wrist guard into your looks with some colorful stickers :] hehe

  8. Im so sorry Emily! I hope you will be fine soon. I broke my leg once while skiing and had a cast on my whole leg for three weeks. After my doktor took it off the leg was thinner and there was a really big difference between my legs! My other bad injury was when I fell on ice straight on my head, it was very painful and it was the worst fall in my life, I didnt know if it was more painful or scary.

    I love this outfit and your hair!