Monday, September 13, 2010


vintage jeans, marshall's tshirt, thrifted leopard flats

Alright, so I'm out for the fall soccer season.
Is someone up there trying to tell me something? 
I've been put in a velcro brace for four weeks, which isn't bad, but it does take away from my first time back on the soccer field.  Thank god I can take it off to shower and what not, because the soft cast I had on before was uncomfortable and hot.  I'm trying to remain in good spirits, and am for the most part, but it's hard. 

And you know what else is hard?  Not being able to wear my beloved boots, tights, leg warmers, thigh highs, and leggings in this warm weather.  I want my fall weather!  I'm dying to have my boots on my feet.

anything that's hard to resist or tempting in your life right now?
anything just plain hard?

sweet dreams


  1. JUNIOR YEAR is just plain hard! First day of school, and I am already so caught up in the academics. After this summer, I am not used to studying!

  2. I Love your jeans so much, they look amazing! your whole outfit is lovely, you are beautiful Emily.

    It's really cold here in NY so i'm happy about being able to wear boots, sweaters etc! ;) but i am sure the lovely Autumn weather will start to come around in your area soon enough! :)

    whats hard in my life that is hard to resist the temptation of?...well i guess right now its hard for me to not call Maya lots during the day, we are so attached to each other and being apart has been difficult yet we are trying to distance ourselves a bit and not talk SO much!


  3. Gah! We are shoe twins, Emily; I too am dying to have my boots on my feet. And my leggings on my legs. I miss them both far too much!

    I'm glad to hear that you can remove your brace in the shower; I had one for six weeks when I was younger that I had to wear ALL. THE. TIME. I've never been more aggravated. And I had a permanent itch on my arm for the entirety of the time; they made me stick a hanger down the cast to scratch it - never again! :P

  4. Think of the bright side with soccer though - you'll have more time for schoolwork which will make it junior year more bearable :)

    And I hear ya on the warm weather front. DC is cooling down a bit thankfully but I'd still look insane parading out the door wearing shearling anything or boots or anything for legitimately cool or chilly weather :(

  5. Hmm, well, even with that velcro cast you look amazing. And soccer? That will come with time. Perhaps now just wasn't the right time for it.

    Emily, if I could trade weather with you I would. I want my hot weather back! Right now I'm in skinny jeans, boots, and a hoodie. It's cute and comfy but it's nothing like my lovely summer dresses. :(

  6. Holy crap I'm totally in love with your fashion sense...:)Were the vintage jeans very expensive? I saw ones that were similar at like 500$ :O

    You'll have more free time for shopping :)