Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a hairy situation

ever gone out on a limb and got your haircut?
ever asked for something completely different than what you got?
ever got home and freaked out about it?

welcome to my life.
I thought my long tresses needed some shape, so I went in yesterday morning in order to get long layers.
I even showed the stylist a picture..

I asked for a Miranda Kerr and got a mullet-esque look.  I. am. petrified.  
I adored my long hair and now I completely regret getting my hair done in the first place.  And what worse timing?  School starts next week!

So today I bought some hair growth products to hopefully speed up the process.

and I started soccer on Monday!  It was really good.  I haven't lost my touch :)

Now my biggest question is --
what's the worst hair situation you've ever had?

enjoy your afternoon


  1. Oh Emily, Im so sorry for you. But many people who feel like this after getting a new haircut have the greatest haircuts! I believe its not so bad! But I know the feeling ,,This is not what I wanted!". After years of searching I found a great hair artist who always understands what I want and never disappoints me. But many times I dyed my hair, usually during my exam periods, when I studied a lot and didnt know what to do to avoid studying. So no matter what time it was, when I found some hair color in my bathroom, I did it. My mum usually couldnt believe her eyes after she saw me going to bed with one hair color and having my breakfast with another. Fortunately, usually I used only coloring shampoo so it wasnt that bad. Although I clearly remember my classmate asking:,,Why is your hair a different color on each side of your head?"

  2. I promise, it is not as bad as you think! And chances are you are rocking it anyways. That happens to me often, but I get used to it after about two weeks.

  3. Actually, it wasn't ''my'' situation...:

    Whenever we go to the hairdresser, my sister goes first, because I want her to be the ''experiment #1'', so I can see if the hairdresser is good or not. Last time, my sister was litteraly CRYING. Poor hairdresser. He was so embarrassed.

    It's never as bad as you think. I got bad haircuts quite a few times. I just wait or dye it. Or do a ponytail. But my hair grows REALLY fast, so I guess I can call myself lucky.

    Youre so pretty anyway, it won't matter even if youre bald xD

  4. Sometimes I feel like hairdressers can do more harm than good. I have had more hair disasters than I care to remember and I didn't go to the hair dresser for about 7 years because of it. But now that I moved to NYC I have had much better experiences.

    But the good thing about hair is it ALWAYS grows back and I am sure you are gorgeous anyway!

  5. Aww, Emily, I'm sure you'll find a way to remedy the situation. You're such a pretty girl regardless of whether your hair is mullet-esque or not. I hope everything ends up well. Think of it this way: You are mortified now, but in a year you will be able to look back and laugh at it.

    My worst hair situation was when I ws four and decided to take it upon myself to cut my bangs. I don't really remember the incident, but I have seen pictures, and it was ghastly. Crooked, far too short and simply awful. My mom evened it out, and my bangs almost failed to exist, they were so short after that. My poor mother.

    BEST OF LUCK, and I'm glad soccer is well.


  6. I went to a hairdresser once while in elementary school and asked for layers.. when I was done it looked like someone had attacked my hair with a dull knife. My classmates teased me about it right up until I graduated.

    Regardless of how your hair looks, you are still a total babe. :)

  7. i was a bit impulsive and dyed my hair black yesterday.. i dont know why.. i mean i like it, but it was raining out and i was bored and had nothing better to do lol. i guess im a risk taker with my

  8. Also, if it isn't growing you can always go shorter which is a risk but could end up looking great! I just chopped my hair this winter and love love love it :) Either way, you're a beautiful girl, you can rock the mullet. A couple years ago it was the hottest style in Russia which doesn't say much but still, there were plenty of beautiful people whose mullets made them no less beautiful :)

    Also, this is Russian's Eurovision 2008 singer who happened to win that year. Rocking a mullet that I am 100% sure is worse than what any hairstylist could ever inflict accidentally and he seems to rock it!!

  9. Also, check out some of the hair crimes in this video by the same guy:

    This is the song he won Eurovison with and the figure skater is one of the top in the world as is the violinist but their hair... no comment :)

  10. Emily, you always look fabulous; and I'm positive that you do right now, as well. Honestly, I think that everyone worries about what they'll look like when they go back to school after the summer - don't stress.

    Also, my worst hair situation involved having my bangs cut far too short once - I looked completely ridic! :P

  11. heyy,, well first off it probably doesnt look nearly as bad as you think it does, and second off, the shampoo called mane and tail is supposed to make your hair grow faster. But you shouldnt worry too much because im pretty sure its just guna be one of those things where its like all you can focus on so it seems much worse but if you were to show someone else they wouldnt see a problem. your beautiful with or without perfect hair!!! best of luckkk!

  12. Wow, after reading this I realized that I could haven't written it better myself. Two weeks ago I was in Italy and I decided, after my mom telling me not to, to get my haircut in Italy... Of course I don't speak Italian so when I decided to get my haircut at the trendy Italian hair salon I wasn't really completely sure if the hairstylists understood what I wanted... I mean I did do research and like you print out multiple pictures of hair cuts that I wanted. My hair WAS all one length, wavy and down past my shoulders strawberry blonde... but I decided I wanted LONG layers... I ended up sitting in the hair salon chair looking down at 8 inch pieces of strawberry blonde hair... idiot that I am I held my breath and didn't tell the hairstylist stop. After blowdrying my hair for an hour I looked in the mirror and saw someone ten years older... They sure had layered my hair but they also had curled the ends up so that it looked AMAZING. I loved it and spent the rest of the day skipping around the mall (: When I let my hair do its normal thing with the new cut it surprisingly wasnt that terrible. I like my new hair... its different and I just tell myself that its something new and that change is good.. although sometimes I still miss my long tresses...

  13. OMG Emily I totally get you!!! Im so sorry this happened to you, it can seem like the worst thing ever :S Like two months ago, I went to my stylist for just a little trim and some layers because I though myhair was too thick and it was difficult to style. She ended up cutting it too short and the worst thing was that my hair started falling out!!!! It thinned out even more! and now i have very little hair :(

  14. oh noo ackk! my suggestion would be to wash it, get all the 'product' that they put into it out, play with it yourself a bit, experiment with hairstyles that hide the mullet-ness until it grows out..? but omg that is so frustrating. hairdressers have such a critical job!!

    on a better note, i'm just catching up on your posts and i looove your recent outfits. especially the vintage pink shorts one. so pop-y and adorable :D

    good luck !!! <3