Saturday, September 18, 2010


f21 tunic, f21 skirt, leggings

thrifted flannel shirt, thrifted levi cut offs, gladiator sandals

I'm squeezing in this post, which I've been meaning to do everyday this week..but things happen.  I'll be honest, I'm struggling to stay afloat in all aspects of life right now.  From school to body image to work to fashion to art to everything.  When something gets done or goes right, then another thing gets put on my plate, figuratively speaking.  Is this balance?  No.  Is balance possible?  Yes.  But the main question is -- how do I get there?  How do I find the equilibrium within this multitude of chaos?

When you feel like you are going to or starting to....mentally implode, how do you deal?
How do you cope with overwhelming stress?
How do you cram in "you time" in the midst of chaos?

enjoy your weekend


  1. I don't feel like I'm going to mentally implode -- I feel like I'm going to mentally EXPLODE. I am not dealing with it correctly at all. I've simply fallen into depression and this is BAD.

    I am overwhelmed with stress atm too, and I wish EVERYTHING well for you. I hope you find a way to deal with it better than me.

    Sorry for the depressing comment.

    Maybe you could write if you're into that, or design some outfits? Something to get your mind off it all...


  2. Hey girl!! I love the second outfit and I have similar clothes so maybe Ill try the look! do you mind??
    About your question, well, Ive been trying to organize better because work is taking all of my free time! im trying to go to bed earlier and wake up sooner to work out on the morning..
    have a nice week! i hope you figure things out!

  3. Love love the pictures in the green dress! You have a very pretty smile :D