Friday, August 27, 2010

running out of options

f21 top, orange vintage shorts, nude BCBG flats

I swear, I've been shopping so much lately.  It's kind of sad, but I've run out of options.  All I can say is -- I'm ready for more ways than one.  This upcoming week is going to be exciting, however.  I start soccer practice!  Which is a ridiculously big deal.  I haven't been able to play in two years because of my health.  But I'm healthy and I'm ready and I'm also extremely out of shape.

what's the longest you've gone without any form of exercise?

enjoy your evening!


  1. Oh my gosh I am so in love with your clothes! You are such an inspiration for fashion for me. Seriously I am in love! I love your top to death, and anything high-waisted is right up my alley! You are too cute!

    Good luck at soccer practice, by the way! For me, girls' soccer is in the spring. It's interesting how different things are just within the country.


  2. Shorts=LOVE. I know that 10000 other people re king to comment about them after me but I am happy to be the first ;)

    The longest I have gone is 2 years as well. I start cross country preseason this upcoming week, too! I am thrilled that we both are in a place now where we can persue physical activity for the fun of it.

  3. Wow, awful spell check on my phone. Hopefully you can figure my comment out!

  4. I love this outfit!! Aaaah you must come to my house to help me with my outfits >____<
    So jealous of those flats!!

  5. 6 months. I had osgood-schlatters in my knees. The first day back was terrible but it gets better.

  6. Cutie!

    I think the longest I went without almost no exercise was 2 1/2 months.. I felt disgusting and so discouraged once I DID start exercising again because of how out of shape I was.

  7. wow, i am in love with your outfit girly! that top is so cute, and i love those shorts + gosh can i have your hair ;) sooo pretty!! :)
    that is so great tht you will be back playing soccer!! i have gone very long without exersice, i don't do anything really at all right now, i used to go to the gym when i was at a better place health wise, and it was a big problem...i do yoga/pilates on occasion but my only form of exercise now is shopping/walking ;) hehe...i hope to get to a healthy place where i can exercise in a healthy way/


  8. you're looking a bit skinny again...

  9. love your blog - thanks for inspiring me
    congrats on the return to soccer -- keep up the hard work -- it's worth it

  10. People who post cruel statements behind the "anonymous" moniker are, they, themselves, small minded and hiding something of their own. More than likely their parents didn't provide them with enough attention or doesn't love them. The only way they can feel good about themselves is putting someone down. Probably because this persons parents did the same to them. What a lonely life you will live..... I feel sorry for you and your abusive parents.

  11. oh my GOD! I completely understand how big of a deal soccer is -- i wasn't able to play for junior and senior year of high school and i was absolutely devastated. YOU GO GIRL!! so proud of you :]
    cute outfits too hun <3
    love you!

  12. Oh my gosh, Emily I missed you too!

    Don't even get me started on my absence...Ugh!

    In any event those shorts are fabulous, those shoes are fabulous-- You are fabulous!