Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the older, the better

marshall's shirt, vintage neon pink shorts, libby edelman shoes

school starts in two weeks.  it's weird.  really, really weird.  but surprisingly, I'm kind of excited.  that's weird.  really, really weird. it might be because I want to wear the new clothes I got for fall, but then again..it's not going to get cool right away.   apart from today which feels like late September more than late August.

I've been up and down lately by way of mood, emotion, ED...the whole shebang.  I think basically that's the way it's going to be for a while until I learn to grow into my self and body.  I think the beauty of growing older is the growth of self acceptance and confidence.  time heals, I truly believe that.

what's the best part about getting older to you? why?

busy night of watching Rachel Zoe and whatever else catches my attention..

have a good one!


  1. You are so so soooo adorable! I LOVE that top so very much!

  2. Oh my God you are so beautiful, you know that? Your lips and hair, gosh so pretty! It reminds me of a model because you are modeling your cute outfits. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your shoes by the way. =)

    I think the best part about getting older, for me, is getting privileges. When I was 11, I got to stay home alone, 12, I could babysit, 13 I went to High School, and in 11 days I'll be 16 and then I can DRIVE! Whoo!

    18 will be college and "legally an adult" and 21 would be drinking I guess but that doesn't matter much to me now...

    Idk it's just exhilarating at this point. I'm sure once I hit 30, I'll be like "NO! not again!" when it comes to my birthday. haha.

  3. yayay ray zoe yay.

    aging is beautiful. its a natural part of life and we must remember what it's like to embrace it and love ourselves!

  4. i cant waittt for school to start either, personally i thought summer way muchh to long and im so ready to get back in there! i cant wait for the projects and for some reason im even looking forward to doing homework and studying....seeing all of your amazing clothes makes me feel so behind! haha i have done absolutely no clothes shopping yet, which really needs to get done. well i love that shirt your wearing in these pics, and i hope your having a great summer!

  5. i feel the same way. My school is starting in a week, and I'm actually kind of excited about it. Yes it is really weird.

  6. You have lips like a doll :) I think the best parts of aging are that you are getting closer and closer to finding your real self, you are getting more experiences and therefore you are getting stronger. You are also getting more freedom, not only financially, but also in your soul. I'm looking forward to having my first full time job, my own place and being independent.

  7. Gah! I love your hair. And your shirt.

    Personally, I can't stand getting older. I would like to freeze time at an age where I was happiest and remain there for all time. Yes, I do have a bit of Peter Pan Syndrome! :P

  8. ahhh girl, i totally know how you feel. just know that with time, things will become easier and you will learn to love every inch of your beautiful body and self!
    love you!

  9. Getting older = Driving cars.

    ...Muahaha!!! *be scared*

  10. love the bright POP of pink. ohhh and audrey hepburn in the back <3 so graceful :)

    gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

  11. i love the pic! you look so cute, nice outfit!

    i am OLD. but as i get even older, i am worrying about having another baby, buying a house, one day i might need a new car, am i going to get a promotion at work??? its a change from what ive been worrying about for the last few years.. which is a good thing