Tuesday, August 10, 2010

fall into fall

I have been attempting to write a post for the past two days.  For some reason or another, the 'backspace' key has been put to good use.  I don't know where this lack of inspiration is coming from.  I'm just hoping that it goes away soon.

Onto my New Orleans trip -- I flew by myself for the first time!  It was a little nerve-racking, but I managed and would do it again.  While down there I went shopping, bought a lot of vintage clothing, tried sushi and LOVED IT, had lebanese food, went to an art museum, explored the city and saw two of the friends I made at SCAD.  The trip was much needed and I am so happy that I got to go.  Not to mention, food-wise I did so well!  I believe that getting away is very healthy for me, because it allows me to let go and experience different types of foods in a relaxed state.  It's as though new, vibrant culture breathes light into my life.

speaking of light in my life..


wide leg jeans

cigarette jeans


What inspires you?  
What things do you have in mind for this fall?



  1. fall: sweaters=great food=football=boots!

    have a wonderful wednesday dear
    love, becca

  2. ooh i remember the first time flying by myself hehe

    i'm so glad you had such an awesome time! nothing like vintage clothing + sushi : D

    i'm with you on pretty much every one of those wishlist items, esp. the wide-leg + skinny jeans. hmmm i also want a pair of oxfords & a slouchy cardigan.


  3. The jeans. I WANT! If only you could be my personal shopper, Emily! I'd be bankrupt by the end of the day, but goodness, my wardrobe's contents would be enough to make me die happy. Your taste=WOW :) Love you!!!!

  4. Fall = Boots <3

    New Orleans sounded awesome, I still can't picture myself going to the airport alone!!

  5. Autumn leaves truly inspire me - despite the fact that you never see them in Southern California!

    I am most looking forward to super skinny jeans, oversized sweaters, stunning handbags, and fabulous boots for fall!! :)

  6. Your wish list looks like such fun! I like those cigarette jeans. I also like what you say about getting away to experience new foods in a relaxed state. That's so true. I love it!

    On my fall wish list are French Terry Dolman tops, Basic burnout pullovers, a knit multi-ruffle cardigan, new jeans in general, eek and perforated OXFORDS! yessss


  7. You flew!!! Alone! That's awesome, Emily! I'm so proud of you. :)

    I don't really have any wants for Fall yet.. I'm trying to pretend that summer will never end.