Friday, July 9, 2010

motivation, where are you?

I've been back in Virginia for almost a week and I'm already struggling to pull my Savannah reality into my home reality.  I got back, my friends were happy to see me, my family was happy to see me, then the novelty of my homecoming wore off and now it's back to the norm.  I haven't done anything with friends since monday night, and I'm starting to feel a bit "homebody-ish".  That or "loner-ish".  It's a cross between the two.

Between my long periods of time wandering around the house, I've come up with some extraordinary ways to spend those precious minutes.  Or, shall I say, plans that have yet to be put in motion.  The intention is there, though, I promise!

1. work on my fashion sketchbook.
(i.e. inspiration pages, drawing)

2. sew and make my own patterns.

3. go outside and kick the ball around.

4. yoga.

5. clean out my closet.

6. burn evil ED clothing.

Right now I am a prime example of procrastination.  But then again, maybe I need a little bit of procrastination in my life to keep my inner perfectionist in check.

what's on your never ending to-do list?
how do you overcome procrastination?

happy friday!


  1. my never ending to-do list has in some ways turned into my bucket list sadly.
    as for overcoming procrastination that is still something that i am working on and something that in on my never ending to-do list.
    ps. burn those clothes!:)

  2. nice list! maybe you could donate the clothes instead though :)

    I always have cleaning, organizing to do. I just have to get up and do it and once I start it's fine after that.

  3. I feel ya on the motivation. As soon as I come back home from school...poof, gone.

  4. You gave me the best idea, Emily.
    When I get home, I will burn my evil ED clothing too.
    No one needs that horrible reminder of what life once was like.

    Let's have a bonfire!

    Contratulations on finding something to do. I will never understand how we get bored so easily ;)


  5. I make list like that too...but I end up making ANOTHER list which involves completing the previous lost, so! Equally unproductive... :)

    BURN <3

  6. i say embrace the procrastination for a moment. that's what i try to do when it comes over me (perfectionist emily over here too lol) it helps give me some space. i hear it key to relaxation ;)
    you will the conquer the list in due time, no need to worry.