Wednesday, July 21, 2010

life = struggle

forever 21 dress. Walmart hat.

After a few many days of boredom, I finally got out and went shopping with my best friend.  Where did we go, you ask?  The one and only, Forever 21.  I didn't go wild and crazy, because I'm saving up my money for New Orleans, but I did manage to walk away with a few cute things.

While that made my week, my head hasn't been too clear.  No matter how far I come in life, it seems as though I can never escape this demon.  I'll always have these days where all I want to do is restrict and go back to what used to be.  But deep down I know that that isn't a solution, it'd only be taking one giant leap backwards.

life = struggle.

what is your struggle lately?
how do you get through it?

sweet dreams


  1. Lovely dress and hat! you have a terrific style :)
    life is hard and all we can do is never giving up :)
    stay strong girl!

  2. you are so stunning!
    i feel the same way... struggling so much.. it is hard.. i am holdig your hand.. xox

  3. I feel you...recently I started struggling so bad and I just don't feel like anything will get better...but it will, I know it has to.

  4. i LOVE that dress! polkadots <3... so. cute.

    i'm sorry your demons are rearing up. i hate that O_O deep breaths. among other things, social anxiety is always a huge struggle for me. it helps to remember that for everyone there is usually always... something. doesn't have to stop us, though.

  5. Ooh I love it - fun and flouncy :)

    I hate that you're having a hard time - but know that you're not alone, and others have dealt with it and come out on top - it can be done! I can't say the demons get any quieter, but I can say that we can get stronger. The effect is the same, and you come out such a better, smarter, stronger person who can deal with all kinds of stuff!

  6. Forever 21 shopping sprees make everything better - loving your new dress. main struggle as of late is trying to accept and get over my cat, Morgan's, death. He passed away on Sunday, and I'm still heartbroken. :(

  7. How is it that I can always relate to your posts?
    My latest struggles have been disordered thoughts, similar to you. I try to remind myself that at one point, I wanted to be healthy. I was sick and tired of restricting both my food intake and my happiness. I chose recovery for a reason, and just because my mind is glamourizing the disorder now does NOT mean that being thinner equals being happy.
    Keep that chin up!

  8. I am going through something similar. I have been going shopping a lot recently but have avoided trying on clothes I'm so scared they won't fit right. I finally found a dress that made me feel great and I went out feeling beautiful!

  9. My struggle has been, as usual, with my body. The thing is, you just have to keep pushing forward! You are doing AMAZING and you WILL escape ED. It's just not going to be a short or easy road but you know that already. Whenever I start to feel my resolve weakening I start repeating this quote that I adapted from Rebekah at clarityincreation:

    I am beautiful. I am perfectly made today, tomorrow and forever. I will not be swayed.

    And I don't just say it in my head (although that helps a ton too!), I actually go ahead and say it out loud and I'll repeat it until I believe it.

  10. loveeeeeee this look with the flop hat!!

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