Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Before I knew it, a storm was brewing over my house and suddenly, lucky me, the power was dunzo.  I might sound spoiled and a little bit 21st century when I say, I was ridiculously, dreadfully bored.  I even resorted to perusing through a Where's Waldo? book from my childhood.  While the blast from the past was nostalgic and sweet, I would much rather be catching up on my google reader.

Among my many homework assignments from my therapist, (YES, I have homework in therapy *eye roll*) which I haven't completed, I figure I'll get one done in this post.  The ironic thing about that is, despite how perfectionistic I am, I almost always NEVER do my homework in therapy.  I'm not really sure what that's all about, because I'm a straight A and A+ student and anything below that is considered unacceptable in my mind (thanks ED).

Anyways, back to the point; in recovery I've become physically healthy, almost mentally healthy, and pretty much socially healthy...but something is still missing.  My therapist insists that I show my silly side more often; let go and just do something just for the sake of doing it.  And well, she's right.  I do need to be more frivolous at times.  What's life without laughter?  smiles? being stupid for no reason whatsoever?  I've grown up to be such a serious person, which is good at times, but it's no fun when you need to calm down and just be for a little while.

so here I present to you..
my frivolous list 
all the things I should be doing on a regular basis to be stupid/a normal teenage air head

  1. go outside in the rain
  2. look up useless videos on youtube (like this)
  3. dance with music up REALLY loud
  4. play with photobooth
  5. splatter paint
  6. impersonate british accents EVERYWHERE (my friends and I kind of already do this)

I'm hoping this is just the start of this list, I want to add more as I go!

what do you do to just be "silly"?
do you find yourself a serious person or a nonsense kind of person?

enjoy your evening!


  1. Hey now, lists are important! It'a great to have goals and expectations of yourself that are positive!

    I guess I'm a silly person because 5 out of the 6 things on your list I do!

  2. Ohh my gosh, I have homework in therapy, too! And I would rather do a BOOK of calculus problems than my last therapy assignment: do something that gives me the "warm fuzzies" (something just for me for no particular reason). This shouldn't be so hard!! lol

    Your list looks like a lot of fun - especially the last one! I'm partial to Norwegian accents myself ^^

  3. I would say that I am a silly person, as you know from personal experience, but I am also very serious. Your list looks good, but your missing one thing:

    Calling your SCAD roommate at random times in the middle of the night? I think so.

  4. I never realized how badly I need to let go... until I read this! What an eye-opener. Geesh. I might just go on youtube now.

    In all honesty, I don't do many things "just to be silly" at the moment. I often feel like I have to be productive- read, blog, write, do art, and so on.

    Thank you for reminding me that being silly is productive in its own way. Who knew that this post would speak to me so much. I just looked up some things, and found this article interesting if you have time:


    Laughing helps people survive cancer... maybe it will help us fight ED, too!

  5. Frivolous lists are essential for survival. I literally just break out in song and dance - regardless of where I am - when I truly need to be free and let everything out. Random but totally fun!

    I think that a lot of people take me as being a serious person because I'm extremely driven and motivated, in addition to being shy; but I am incredibly nonsensical once you get to know me!! :P

  6. Being silly and not caring about what people think of you is so liberating! Life is too short not to be able to laugh at yourself :-)

    x Hannah x

  7. Isn't getting homework from therapy just a bum hey?! I find it so curious as to why everyone (at least everyone I know of and heard about..) with an ED have a perfectionist personality..
    It's so positive that you've set yourself some goals to be more like a 'teen' and have FUN. Because that is what life is about! Unfortunately I can't really remember the last time I truly felt free and able to have fun without something niggling in the back of my head. I can't wait until I can feel so happy with myself that I am able to go back to just being stupid but even then, I am mostly quite a serious person by personality..
    And hey! What is wrong with the English accent?! :P Haha!! Don't worry we try doing american ones too :)

  8. Hahahah I just watched that kittens inspired by kittens video like 100 times. hahahahahahahahahaha

  9. I love your frivolous list! For years I was always extremely serious and although I still kind of am, I'm trying hard to tap into my carefree side. Singing off key, dancing randomly to a song, acting completely ridiculous.. I'm starting to do those things now and they are surprisingly awesome.

  10. hi! i'm eilidh and i'm new to the blogging world, but have been reading yours for quite some time. i absolutely love your sense of style :)
    you seem better than me in that i never, ever did my therapy homework. hahaha! i always felt quite bad for it, but i think that was my downfall- actually, i've never been committed enough to getting better to work for it. but everything is worth working for, be it a good grade or a better mindset (some takes more work than others, no?)
    p.s - i love your frivolous list. so. much.

  11. babe, though your list sounds very fun, you shouldn't plan what your're going to. that just isn't fun. you can't force yourself to have fun that just won't be fun! all you need to do is try not to care so much. if your friends are acting silly, dont stand there and watch, act silly with them! just dont be so reserved and stuff. p.s. blasting music in your car is fun and theraputic!