Thursday, June 17, 2010

winding down

tomorrow will be my last day of high school as a sophomore.
question: how did it go by this fast?

I remember when I was just starting this school year.  This blog was brand new and I was fighting a battle against myself.  Remember this girl?

guess what?
she is now this girl...

extreme makeover: healthy edition right there, bloggies.
(notice the difference in the hair..oh how I love you, fats!)

biggest change you've ever had in your life?
any major transformation you've had over a course of a decade, year, month, week, or, heck..even a day?



  1. HUUURRRAAAYYY! I am so happy for you girl! you have come so far and you are looking gooooooooddddd!!!

  2. yayy!! :] this post made me so happy. you are so beautiful emily and your transformation inspires me more than anything. i love you! && fats :] hehe.
    my biggest transformation was the day i decided i was going to go IP. it was as if my eating disorder had been so a part of me up until that one day when i realized i could and WOULD live without it.

  3. Emily, you look gorgeous! I definitely see change and it is beautiful.

    The biggest change in my life that is relatively current? I now loooove strength training.. I also now enjoy hanging out with people more than my ED. :)Change is wondrous.

  4. Your truly SO beautiful, glowing inside and out, i can just see such a light of beauty & happiness around you in the 2nd pic :)healthy fats are key for long nice hair :)

    biggest transportation for me is my hair this September it was falling out so much, and...ahh it was dreadful :( and now its grown a few inches and so much stronger and shinier..i also have new blunt bangs that i love!


  5. What a difference a year makes! I'm glad to see you're doing so well! I know it's been hard, but you've gotten so much stronger! And look at you, in days you'll be in Savannah studying what you want to do. and you'll rock it!

    I guess my biggest change to date was coming to college! It was a good change, not a bad change!

  6. oh honey you are the best!! you look absolutely gorgeous. the best part--your smile, that's where i can tell things have changed :)
    time sure flies.
    i think my most recent change was a few months ago when i stepped away from my meal plan & started eating what i wanted.

  7. congratulations emily! i'm so proud of you, you made it so far. keep going on this healthy path you've done so well to keep up with. have fun this summer :)

  8. It is amazing how much someone can change in just a year. You have grown so much, Emily - physically and mentally. I could not be more proud of you!

    My biggest transformation...I went from being a complete tomboy wearing baggy clothes for almost 15 years of my life, and turned into a girly girl virtually overnight (though I still like to skateboard occasionally - shhh!). :)

  9. Oh I'd have to write a whole book to describe my biggest transformations...but through it all, deep down, I've always been exactly the same.

    You are GORGEOUS! So happy and glowing, and yes, your hair looks just stunning!

  10. YOU ARE GORGEOUS... look at that transformation. You are such a beauty dear Emily! xoxo