Saturday, June 5, 2010

school be gone

a fashion post finally!  with the first picture being a stray that I wanted to share.
I haven't had many outfits to photograph in the last week.  Being comfortable was the name of the game and seeing how I still haven't gotten my major F21 shopping spree done yet, I have good reason.  Although I did manage to scoop up these divine, on sale wedges at Macy's.  They are lucky brand and were on sale..50% off say heyyyy.  As fun and retro as they look, wearing them to school was probably not the best idea.  I'll save them for work and party attire.

Speaking of school, it's winding down to the last two weeks.  Could they drag this on any longer?  It's gotten so ridiculous that I don't even give a crap anymore.  Okay, maybe that's not true, because I could never not give a crap, but I am really sick and tired of getting up at 6:30 every morning and going to bed at 11 every night.  Plus my teachers have assigned projects and are giving out tests before exams.  Insane?  YES.

My sister is done on tuesday only because she is a senior.  I can't even wrap my mind around the fact that she is graduating.  Not only that, but I'm going to be a junior!  Doubly insane?  YES YES.
Where does time go!? When school FINALLY releases us from prison, I will be posting more.  I'll be shopping more.  I'll be relaxing more.  I'll be commenting more.  Sometimes life gets too hectic and things get put on the back burner; priorities get rearranged.

On the other hand, being vegetarian is so easy it's like I never ate meat.  Well, despite the fact that I might remain a pescatarian, because fish is too hard to resist.  I really enjoyed the feedback I got in relation to vegetarianism.  Animals don't deserve to be treated in a cruel way and I'm glad many of you respect and encourage my decision!

Well, I'm off to get ready for work.  Bear with me these next two weeks, you might see more or less of me, I can't really say!
Enjoy your weekend :)


  1. i'm a pescatarian too! sometimes, its more about getting enough protein than fish being too hard to resist for me -- but i definitely think to start, being a pescatarian is a good idea! i completely know how you feel with school! i'm so ready to be done. being a graduating senior myself, its even MORE exciting to know that the days are winding down!
    love you <3

  2. Good job on being pescatarian! Who knows, you might end up giving up fish too. That's what happened to me. :)

    My teachers were pretty chill as we got closer to the end of the school year, especially when I was in grade 12.

    Those shoes are trippy! I like them.. :D

  3. Ah Emily...I LOVE the last picture of you - truly too cute for words. And those wedges...hello gorgeous - I want!

    Congrats on almost being done with the school year; and yayay for your sister graduating - so exciting!! :)

  4. I always forget how young you are. Wise beyond your years, you are!

    You are just glowing in this post. It makes me smile lots :)

  5. At last, an outfit post dear Emily. I'm loving your shoes. And that last photo is so cute... I love your smile. Happy weekend! xoxo

  6. hello long luscious legs! dang girl.
    I can count the days left of school on two hands!

  7. Your outfits are amazing! I loved the shoes.

    I m a pescatarian as well and I know exactly what you mean. Since I made these changes in my life, I also limited grains and my energy increased incredibly.

  8. oh, hey gorgeous! haha seriously- you are so beautiful :) and i know what you mean about school- but so close! you can do it

  9. OMG i am in love with those wedges! they are SO cute!!!
    i'm a vegan (ed-induced) turned veggie turned pescatarian and i must say shrimp trumps tofu any day :)
    hang in there with school! just think, you've made it through 34(ish) weeks, whats 2 more?

  10. oh my gosh girl, enjoy EVERY moment. Time does FLY by! I can't believe I'm already a sophomore in college!? Where did my freshman year go!? Where did HIGH SCHOOL go!?

  11. the front porch scene is beautiful. you are so stunning and so classy.

    im a 'vegetarian' who eats fish on occasion.. i hate the label attached to being a 'vegetarian' though...

    hope you have a great night
    love love love-- bec

  12. Your outfits rock!! :D i was just like you about 3 weeks ago :s school was driving me insane but i'm finished now :D okay, i'm lying, i still have a french exam next friday :S the day the world cup begins, FML