Sunday, June 20, 2010


I'm up and down and up and down.  sometimes I just want to be an entirely different person.  Sure, struggles and obstacles make a person, but I just, at the very least, want to be okay.  Is that to much to ask for?  I want to be okay with my body.  I want to be okay with being in my bathing suit.  I want to be okay looking in the mirror.  I want to be okay being with my friends and not constantly comparing myself to them.  I just want to be okay.  okay?

I feel like a complete hypocrite.  I write an uplifting post about my tremendous transformation, then I throw that feeling to the wayside by being a complete debbie downer.  I hate being negative, but it's just the way I feel.  I keep up this facade as if everything is okay, when really, it's a very, very bumpy road.

until next time


  1. If everyone was happy all the time I think we would go crazy. Being okay or normal includes not being perfect all the time, it's part of life. Without sadness, I don't think we would know what happiness was

  2. baby, never feel like you are being a hypocrit! it is natural for humans to change their mind. OFTEN. and then we change them back just as quickly! stay strong and remember how special you are JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.
    love the outfit btw <3

  3. There are ups and downs... life is not perfect. You just have to live with the imperfections and make the most out of life... everything is a choice.

    I love your very French outfit... great look Emily! xoxo

  4. Ups and downs are okay, lovie, you are aloud to have an amazing uplifting post about your progress in recovery and then have a bad day and express how you are feeling, being honest on your lovely blog is such a great thing to be. And you look stunning Emily in these photos i am in love with your whole outfit, your style is really amazing, so french and simply chic!
    you are perfect and don't let that mean ed of your's tell you other wise! ;)


  5. ups and downs are fine :) sometimes I get super happy and then one thing may piss me off and i'm a lunatic haha.
    i love your wedges....i want them to be mine

  6. LOVE those pants! very audrey hepburn :)
    and should never apologize for not feeling're human, like the rest of us. its OKAY to not always be a positive polly.
    i for one, really appreciate your honesty and openness....and please know that there is a light at the end of the bumpy tunnel, even if you can't always see it :)

  7. You can do it :) you just have to believe in it. Amazing outfit where did you get the trousers? :$